Donald Trump Knows How to Stop Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Former President Donald Trump has been weighing in on the Russia/Ukraine conflict since the very start. But now, he’s saying

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump has been weighing in on the Russia/Ukraine conflict since the very start.

But now, he’s saying he knows what needs to happen to stop all the bloodshed, and it’s simple: we need a time machine.

That’s right, going back in time and making sure Trump stayed in the White House is all that is necessary to put an end to the heartache and devastation in Ukraine.

Who knew it would be that easy?

Trump took to Truth Social on Tuesday with his quick fix solution.

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The former President wrote, “If I were President, the Russia/Ukraine catastrophe would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. All of those tens of thousands of people who died would be alive and well today.”

He added, “…And on this, almost everyone, including Democrats, agree!”


While it would be remarkable to find Democrats who agree with his assessment that he would be the solution in the Russia/Ukraine conflict, what’s more remarkable is his assertion that he could have avoided all of the bloodshed.

And it’s not a new claim.

In the past, Trump has said that he would have stopped Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. How he would have prevented the invasion is unclear, but Trump has always said that he would have been able to provide a solution that thus far eludes the world’s most powerful leaders.

While Trump’s comments about having been able to prevent the invasion are par for the course, it’s disturbing when taken in the context that tens of thousands of people have died in the invasion so far, and Trump is talking about it like something he can score political points over.

During a CNN Town Hall at the start of May, Trump weighed in briefly on the conflict, telling anchor Kaitlan Collins, “[Putin’s] mistake was going in. He would’ve never gone in if I was president. We used to talk about it, too.”

Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council specialist on Ukraine who worked in the Trump administration, recently spoke with NatSec Daily about Trump’s stance on his ability to prevent the invasion (retroactively).

Politico reports, “Asked about the town hall comment, Trump campaign spokesperson STEVEN CHEUNG pointed to multiple instances in which the GOP frontrunner made similar remarks, including during a March interview with Fox News’ SEAN HANNITY. ‘Putin would have never gone into Ukraine. I used to talk to him about it — I said ‘better not do it.’ And he wouldn’t have — we had a very friendly conversation about it: I said, ‘Hey, Vladimir, you can’t go into Ukraine,’ ‘ Trump told Hannity.

It seems that Trump’s main Ukraine argument in 2024 will be this: Putin invaded Ukraine twice, both times with Democrats in office and not once with me in charge (though, of course, Putin never withdrew his forces from Ukraine during the whole of Trump’s term).

Vindman has a different view of what happened. Putin’s positioning for the second military wave came soon after the insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021, he said. ‘Putin took advantage of the domestic divisions Trump created — he thought we were weak.’”

While Trump seems to think just dashing back in time would undo all of the suffering and devastation, out here in the real world everyone has to deal with what is – and that is a year-long and counting invasion of a sovereign nation resulting in untold deaths so far and no end in sight.