Donald Trump Lashes Out At Former Ally: ‘FOX NEEDS MAGA’

Former President Donald Trump once had a beautiful relationship with Fox News. It was a network he could rely on

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump once had a beautiful relationship with Fox News. It was a network he could rely on to give him favorable coverage. And any time he wanted to speak directly to the people, Trump could call in and get a spot on the air.

Things have soured between the business mogul and the conservative news network, however. Over the past year and a half, Trump and Fox have found themselves at odds. Not least because Fox had to pay $787.5 million to settle a lawsuit over their coverage of the 2020 election. At the time, Fox seemed to support Trump and suggested that his false theories about voter fraud were true. But after the support for the Republican frontrunner landed them in hot water, Fox started distancing itself from him. Now, Trump is tired of their abandonment and is going for the jugular.

Trump And Fox Are No Longer Pals

Donald Trump, Fox News

Back in 2020, it seemed like nothing could come between Donald Trump and Fox News. He was a regular call-in guest, and anchors seemed to nearly unanimously support him. But something went wrong after Trump lost the election.

And they went doubly wrong for Fox in 2023. The news network faced a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems claiming that they were defamed. According to the lawsuit, Dominion says Fox accused them of rigging voting machines against Trump. At the 11th hour, Fox and Dominion settled. The network agreed to pay the technology company $787.5 million to avoid a nasty and lengthy court battle. While the total they pay out of pocket likely amounted to far less, it was a very public rebuke of Fox’s behavior. And in some ways, it was an admittance that they realized they had erred in the way they covered the election.

Now, Fox News still often stumps for Trump. But far less than before, and the favorable coverage is scattered. Occasionally, Trump tunes in to find himself being criticized: a once-unthought-of development between Trump and his former ally.

Donald Trump Lashes Out At Fox, Roaring, ‘FOX NEEDS MAGA’

Donald Trump, Truth Social

Such was the case on Thursday, apparently. Donald Trump took to Truth Social with a flaming criticism of Fox and their new relationship.

Fox hosted the second Republican presidential candidate debate this week. Candidates saw a chance to criticize Trump, who opted not to attend. Trump, feeling frustrated with the debates, seems to blame Fox for hosting them. On Thursday he wrote, “The second Republican Primary Debate on FoxNews had the Lowest Viewership since 2016. Their overall Ratings are down 30%.” The former President then roared, “FOX NEEDS MAGA, THEY JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET. STOP WITH THE BAD DEBATES & NEGATIVE ADS, NO MORE. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! DJT.” Mediaite suggests that Trump was reacting to an ad from Joe Biden. It aired just before the second debate kicked off on Wednesday. And likely stoked the Republican frontrunner’s ire.

Unfortunately for Trump, it seems that being in the business of criticizing him is working out for Fox to some degree. While they have lost a chunk of viewers year-over-year, they remain the most-watched basic cable network. Donald Trump convincing them that they need him more than he needs them is a tough sell. And one Fox News doesn’t seem to be buying into right now.