Donald Trump’s Legal Team Flips on Him for DOJ as Former Ally Calls Him a ‘Poster Boy for Fascism’

Things went from bad to worse in Donald Trump land over the past few days. One of Trump's lawyers is

Donald Trump's Legal Team Flips on Him for DOJ as Former Ally Calls Him a 'Poster Boy for Fascism'

Things went from bad to worse in Donald Trump land over the past few days.

One of Trump's lawyers is now cooperating with the Department of Justice as they investigate his handling of classified documents at his Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago.

And a former Trump lawyer released a book today which pulls no punches in condemning Trump's brand of leadership.

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Trump Lawyer Flips on the Rest of the Legal Team

Attorney Christina Bobb, has been a part of Trump's legal team as he battled the Department of Justice and FBI as they raided his home and are now investigating him for improper handling of classified documents.

But things turned quickly ominous for Trump after Bobb decided to start cooperating with the Department of Justice on October 7, and has now thrown another member of the legal team under the bus.

The Independent reports, "The right-wing TV anchor-turned-attorney for former president Donald Trump, who signed a false certification telling the Department of Justice that the ex-president had turned over all classified documents in his possession, is now cooperating with federal prosecutors in the investigation into Mr Trump.

According to NBC News, attorney Christina Bobb met with federal investigators and provided information on two other attorneys who had a hand in submitting the statement to the government.

The Friday meeting reportedly ended with Ms Bobb naming Mr Trump’s previous lead counsel, Evan Corcoran, as the person who drafted the false instrument, which was turned over to investigators during a June meeting at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club."

Bobb also tapped Trump lawyer Boris Epshteyn as involved in the decision to issue a false statement.

It's a worrying time for the Trump team, currently beset from every direction with multiple criminal and civil lawsuits and investigations.

Michael Cohen Tells All

But it's not just Bobb keeping Trump and his other legal team up at night; another former Trump lawyer released a book today, and what it says is fairly damning of the former POTUS's leadership tactics.

Former Trump lawyer and ally Michael Cohen is speaking out in a new book. Insider writes, "In his book, 'Revenge,' released on Tuesday, Cohen — who was once Trump's lawyer and fixer — described the former president's time in office as being a 'practice run' for future dictatorships.

'We are in danger of losing this country to fascists who are destroying our democracy and the rule of law and replacing it with something unseen since the dark days in Europe prior to World War II,' he wrote.

'Donald Trump was just a practice run. If those who think like him are allowed to take control of this government —like they tried to do during the January 6 insurrection — then we're all fucked, and my suffering will become the nation's suffering,' Cohen added, accusing Trump of setting him up as the fall guy for various crimes."

Cohen also admits that he has some culpability in Trump's rise to power and ability to abuse his position.

In the book, he wrote, "As I helped create this Frankenstein's monster and let it out of its cage, I feel it is my moral duty, or if you prefer my penance, to make sure we re-cage the beast." Cohen calls Trump a, "mirror into the depths of the soul of government corruption." He adds, "He is the standard bearer for corrupt dictator wannabes. He is the poster boy for fascism."

And if anyone knows corruption and abuse of power, it's Cohen. Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison in 2018 for multiple felonies, including tax evasion, campaign finance violations, and bank fraud.

After being released, Cohen has worked tirelessly to reveal what he considers the dark underbelly of the Trump administration and those in his inner circle – but even so, the new book's language is surprisingly clear on where he stands.