Donald Trump Moans and Writhes in Weird Campaign Rally Moment

Former President Donald Trump grunted and moaned his way through a bizarre display on stage last night at a campaign rally in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump bizarre rally

If Donald Trump’s rallies are often said to be engaging, it’s unclear what can be said about his most recent rally, held last night in New Hampshire.

The former POTUS was trotting out a litany of anti-transgender talking points before he turned to a weird display of writhing and moaning on stage, with the audience seemingly struck between humor and confusion.

It’s not the first time he’s rolled out the bizarre display, but the newest one involved a new level of enthusiasm.


Donald Trump Grunts and Moans in Weird Moment

Trump rallies can be said to be a series of inflammatory statements and bizarre sound bytes.

This has always worked in the favor of the former POTUS, because he ends up with free publicity even when things don’t go to plan. And Trump seems to live by the philosophy that all press is good press.

But last night’s rally held a truly bizarre moment that had the internet uncomfortably scratching their heads and wondering what exactly they just watched.

Trump told the audience, “I will tell you another thing that people can’t even believe: I will keep men out of women’s sports, OK?”

Then, he seemed to prepare himself to act out his impression of a woman struggling to lift weights at a competition.

“Should I do it?” he asked.

The audience cheered, although it’s unclear if they knew what was about to happen.

“I’m gonna do it,” he smirks and then launches into his rendition of “woman lifting weights.”

It involved some bizarre gestures, writhing, and groaning.

Truly, it was one of the most bizarre displays from the former POTUS in a long history of bizarre displays.

The audience seemed to eat it up – whatever “it” was.

Trump then adds a dollop of transphobia on top, explaining, “Then a guy came along who happens to be a woman now, according to the laws of our country.” He then pantomimes lifting the “weights” easily.

Another Weird Moment at the Trump Rally

The former President’s acting skills weren’t the only bizarre moment of the night, however.

At one point, he told the audience that he had a major announcement to make.

The announcement was that he’s retiring the “Crooked Hillary” moniker and bestowing it on President Joe Biden, who shall henceforth apparently be known as “Crooked Joe.”

And, HuffPost reports, “He also unveiled a weird pronunciation of the name Lenin ― as in Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin ― which he claimed is the Russian way of saying the name.

It’s not.”

One thing was made clear last night: it’s going to be a very long election cycle. Whether you love or loathe Donald Trump, his antics have returned – and that can be a mixed blessing.