Donald Trump Mocked by His Son with Angry Baby Trump Blimp

In the world of Donald Trump, you’re either a diehard loyalist or an enemy. There’s no room for middle ground.

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In the world of Donald Trump, you’re either a diehard loyalist or an enemy. There’s no room for middle ground.

There may be politically expedient temporary alliances, but they crumble quickly the minute Trump’s ally shows any signs of disloyalty.

Case in point: Ron DeSantis, who now no longer holds his tongue about the former POTUS and is seen by Trump as a disloyal, sanctimonious “loser.”

But there’s one group of people Trump could always depend on to land firmly in the ride or die category: his family.

However, recent months have shown some cracks in the facade of family unity, with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner distancing themselves from the former POTUS and his legacy.

Now, another Trump child has sidled away from his father – and he’s doing so with a blatant insult.


Donald Trump Rages About the Chinese Balloon

Donald Trump Jr has always been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal children. By his side through the thick and thin of the former President’s administration, he’s almost been touted by Republicans as an heir apparent; someone who can step into his father’s political shoes when the time is right.

Of course that would require Trump to step out of those shoes first and any betting man would know where to place (or, rather, not) that money.

But the loyalty to his father seems to have come to a screeching halt with a new retweet from Jr.

Over the weekend, the US government shot down a Chinese air balloon that had been meandering its way across US air space for several days.

They waited until the mammoth vessel was over waters near the Carolinas before shooting it down, prompting criticism from conservatives that they waited too long and gave the Chinese too much patience and leeway.

Trump spent the final few days of the balloon’s life raving about how he would shoot it down and how it would never have happened under his watch.

After the balloon was shot down, the Pentagon took a swing at Trump for his criticism of the Biden administration, revealing that a similar vessel had crossed into US air space on three occasions during the Trump administration.

While multiple Trump officials – some who really don’t like Trump anymore – have refuted those claims, one must assume that the Pentagon has receipts for such a claim.

Regardless of whether you believe there was a similar Trump-blimp-fiasco or not, it’s clear that Donald Trump Jr is feeling a little spicy about it.

During Trump’s tenure in the White House was marked by a number of notable and symbolic protests, including people dressed as handmaids from Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and the creation of a large parade float-like balloon shaped like a caricaturized Donald Trump dressed as a baby. The first “Trump Baby Blimp” was created in London, and it dogged all of his steps across the UK in his first state visit to England and Scotland.

The blimp was floated nearby several major Donald Trump speaking events in the UK, with the imagery so impactful that a group in the US wanted to buy their own balloon to hound the former POTUS with.

Crowdfunding to purchase a balloon was so successful that they were able to purchase six, and they haunted the former President’s footsteps during his 4 years in office.

Donald Trump Jr Suggests the Baby Blimp Go for a Ride

On Twitter this week, someone floated the idea that they should float the Trump Baby Blimp over Beijing as a way of clapping back at the Chinese, who have taken an aggressive posture since their balloon was shot down.

Jr shared the suggestion that the blimp be deployed with the caption, “Not gonna lie… this is funny.”

It’s possible Jr didn’t think about how his father would perceive it, but considering that Trump has spoken in disgust about the blimp in the past, Jr probably knew exactly what he was doing by signal boosting the idea.

And it wasn’t a flattering move.

Whether or not it marks a serious rift between Donalds, it’s the first time Jr has done anything that even resembles criticism of his father, and it follows a pattern of tide turning against the former President within the GOP.

When even your own family is making mock of you, it may be time to hang up the public office spurs and retire quietly to a life of golf and anonymity.