Donald Trump Turns to Incoherent Name Calling as Heat Cranks Up Over GA Election Interference

Today, Donald Trump is working on bringing his Truth Social posts back into focus. His team has been working overtime

Donald Trump King

Today, Donald Trump is working on bringing his Truth Social posts back into focus.

His team has been working overtime to project a presidential air; confident, cool, and unshakeable.

However, the former POTUS is not known for unflappability and his frustration was on full display this week after a grand jury in GA wrapped up a probe into election interference, leading many experts to assume that there are criminal indictments on the way which could include Trump.

Before things got better this morning, they got worse – way worse.

The former President went from screaming and ranting to calling people as many names as he could pack into a paragraph.

Instead of projecting calm, Donald Trump’s posts are revealing the former POTUS’s frustrations and anxieties as he again picks up a verbal sword against election worker Ruby Freeman.


Donald Trump Turns to Name-Calling in Times of Strain

When Trump is feeling particularly cornered, historically he turns to targeting those he feels are at the center of his woes.

In recent weeks, that’s been Mitch McConnell, President Biden, and the Department of Justice.

On Tuesday, however, Trump appeared to lash out at a number of people in a spate of name-calling that showed the level of strain he’s been under.

Late Monday, Trump wrote, “Remember when the lightweight and perennially wrong Failing New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman predicted that the Stock Markets and U.S. Economy would CRASH while I was in office. Well, he was 100% wrong, again. But it did later crash, as Inflation lifted it’s ugly head, after I was out – Self inflicted wounds all! If you sold the day I left, you would have made a ‘fortune!’ Next time, when I leave, SELL…And don’t listen to dopey Paul Krugman.”

But calling Krugman dopey was tame in comparison to the Tuesday posting frenzy that followed.

After news broke that the GA grand jury was being dissolved because it had completed its task, Trump began yelling on Truth – calling McConnell the “Old Broken Crow” in call caps and once again referring to his wife, Elaine Chow, by the racist epithet, “CoCo Chow.”

Trump took a break from insulting people to acknowledge the death of Diamond from the Trump-loving duo Diamond and Silk, and to deny any wrongdoing in the phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

But then the insults returned, and Trump went on a re-truthing frenzy, sharing article after article about the classified documents found in the former office of then-Vice President Biden.

Donald Trump Continues to Lash the Media for Doing Exactly What he’s Been Hoping They’d Do

The former POTUS then turned back to lashing out at the media, writing, “Charles BlowHard, of The Failing New York Times, is one of the dumbest of political ‘columnists,’ hoping against hope that by a very unsophisticated use of political disinformation, his wildest dreams will come to pass. I believe BlowHard is a racist in reverse, who says whatever happens to come to his dull mind, as long as it is negative to ‘Trump.’ Morons like this are bad for our Country. I was 233 wins out of 256 Races, and this dope says I did poorly in the Midterms, etc. Fake News!”

By mid-Tuesday, Trump was in full anti-media mode, adding to Truth, “If we are going to clean up our filthy, dirty, corrupt, Fake News Media, the first thing that should happen is for the Pulitzer Awards to be immediately withdrawn from The Failing New York Times and Washington Post for the absolutely horrible and scandalous reporting done on the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX. The reporting was neither good, nor accurate. It was malicious fiction, all part of the never ending Witch Hunt, and should be treated as such. Both now admit it was FAKE NEWS. RESCIND NOW!”

Trump’s recent tirade against the media isn’t surprising, but it does fly in the face of all of his recent efforts to get media attention. Unfortunately for Trump, the end of his love affair with Fox News means he’s struggling to control his public image in the media, something he finds infinitely frustrating.

And Trump closed out Tuesday with more accusations hurled at Freeman; “Ruby, her daughter, and the others who ran back into the counting room, grabbing the cases from under the ‘skirted’ table, and then back to their counting machines where they came from prior to hearing ‘water main break’ (which never happened) have got a lot of explaining to do…”

And Wednesday opened with another stab at McConnell and his wife, with Trump writing, “Biden’s documents are HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, many pertain to UKRAINE, where Hunter was ‘raking in the dough,’ and FUNDED BY CHINA, which gave $55 Million to Biden, through Penn, and probably had easy access. Was the Old Crow’s boss, China loving Coco Chow, involved? Just asking?”

It’s unclear whether or not the Georgia investigation will lead to criminal indictments, and even more unclear whether or not they will be handed down to Trump himself.

But it’s clear that Trump is under strain – and trying to find any controversy to land to take the heat off his growing legal woes.