Apparently Donald Trump Loves Ice Spice’s ‘Munch’

Former President Donald Trump was interviewed by Nelk Boys’ FullSend podcast, and they touched on a variety topics – including the fact that Trump apparently “likes” Ice Spice’s popular song, “Munch.”

Donald Trump Ice Spice

When the Nelk Boys sat down with former POTUS Donald Trump for a second interview, they probably didn’t expect the wit he’d bring to the table over a popular song by Ice Spice.

In the past, the FullSend podcast crew interviewed Trump and had their video taken down – after Trump warned that’s exactly what would happen.

This time, the video is staying up, and it’s dropping some gems.


Donald Trump Thinks Biden is Dumb, but Likes Ice Spice

In the interview, host Kyle Forgeard asks Trump to play a quick word association game.

They provide a word, and he says one word that comes to mind.

Some of them, you’d expect. But the last one was a doozy.

Forgeard says, “Elon Musk.” Trump quickly replies, “Smart.”

Then he asks, “Joe Biden.” Trump can’t help himself, and quips back, “Dumb.”

Next, it’s Kim Jong Un – to which Trump replies, “Interesting.”

Trump also finds Kim Kardashian “disingenuous.”

But it’s when Forgeard asks, “Ice Spice?” that things get a little funny.

Trump, looking puzzled, asks, “Who the hell is Ice Spice?”

Forgeard explains, “You don’t know the song?” He hums a few bars, then questions, “‘Munch?'”

Co-host Aaron Steinberg breaks in, “You know the song.”

The former POTUS says, “Go ahead, play it for me. Well, I like it. Okay? I like it.”

FullSend Podcast Covers a Lot of Topics with Trump

The rest of the interview was a little closer to what viewers are used to with Trump.

The former POTUS called the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan “embarrassing” after President Joe Biden recently blamed Trump policies for the disastrous military pull-out.

Trump also praised UFC’s Dana White, calling him a “tough guy,” a “smart guy” and a “loyal person.” Recently, Trump made a stir by appearing on UFC 287 – firing up the audience with a flashy entrance.

The former POTUS also took pot-shots at renewable energy like solar, returning to his favorite complaint about wind farms – that they’re eyesores and bad for the environment.

Trump then asserts that all of the struggles the US is facing wouldn’t exist if he was still President. Those struggles that he says wouldn’t exist include inflation, gas shortages, supply chain issues and more.

The interview was a huge win for Trump even if it eventually is taken down by YouTube. He seemed in command and confident – an image he has needed after a series of public blunders.