Donald Trump Wants to Authorize Police to Discipline Your Children

In what appears to be an attempt to drum up support among law enforcement and evangelicals, Donald Trump is making

Donald Trump discipline children

In what appears to be an attempt to drum up support among law enforcement and evangelicals, Donald Trump is making another push for a state with a martial heart.

Trump released a new video on Truth Social this week, promising to address a variety of conservative talking points if he gets elected again in 2024.

But buried among the weeds was a threat to overhaul federal guidelines and allow police to effectively discipline children.


Donald Trump Tries to Recover Law Enforcement Rep

The reason behind Trump’s attempt to woo law enforcement is no secret.

In the days after January 6, 2021, it became clear that Trump talks a big talk about supporting law enforcement but doesn’t actually follow through if it’s not politically expedient.

And after the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home last year, Trump spent months trashing law enforcement from the ground up.

With 2024 looming, he’s trying to recapture the trust and enthusiasm that police and their supporters once gave him as President.

And, additionally, Florida has seen a spate of carjackings by young teenagers – aged 13 to 15 – right in the backyard of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, capital city Tallahassee.

It’s likely that Trump is seizing on disaffection over DeSantis’s governance in Florida to highlight his failures and drum up support among law enforcement in one fell swoop.

So he’s promising to give police and schools more power to discipline children who he says are out of control.

Trump posted a video to Truth with a variety of promises for a second presidency.

He explained, “We will end the leftist takeover of school discipline and juvenile justice. Many of these carjackers and criminals are 13, 14 and 15 years old. I will order the Education and Justice Departments to overhaul federal standards on disciplining minors, so when troubled youth are out of control, they’re out on the streets and they’re going wild, we will stop it. The consequences are swift, certain and strong – and they will know that.”

So Much for State’s Rights?

In the very next breath, Trump promises to protect the right to self defense “everywhere it is under siege”.

It’s a conservative platform gaining popularity in recent years with increasing mass shootings in schools and public places.

But Trump then adds the bizarre statement, “Your Second Amendment does not end at the state line.”

But that flies in the face of everything the Republicans believe.

After all, they’re known as the “state’s rights” party. Which means that they believe the federal government should have less control and states should have more.

Trump, however, has never been a classic Republican.

Eschewing the concept of state’s rights, believing in a strong federal government – under his control – and insulting religious beliefs left and right, he’s not exactly the conservative darling that party loyalists are hoping for.

That may be why New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu thanked Trump for what he’s done, but said it’s time for new blood in a new Fox News interview this week.

He explained, “The race for president hasn’t really started. no one’s really thinking that way. We’re just coming out of November ’22. you and I are in this world we’re talk about this all the time but the average American they’re just dealing with inflation, they’re dealing with high housing prices, record debt at the household level. So people aren’t really thinking there yet. Look, my message to President Trump is, ‘we thank you for your service, great, but we’re moving on.’ Americans are not in the mode of settling. We’re never gonna say ‘the best opportunity for tomorrow’s leadership is yesterday’s leadership.'”

Polls for Trump seem to support Sununu’s assertion that American’s aren’t interested in getting down in the dirt for 2024 yet.

Despite Trump’s best efforts to get the battle up and running – and his attempts to kneecap DeSantis – the here and now is taking precedence.

But the promise to take discipline out of the hands of parents and put it into the hands of the state is something everyone should pay attention to.