Donald Trump’s Frenzied Truth Social Posts Hint at Overthrowing the Government

It’s no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump is posting furiously on Truth Social in the wake of the House

Donald Trump

It’s no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump is posting furiously on Truth Social in the wake of the House panel referring criminal charges to the Department of Justice.

Trump immediately got to work trying to debunk the House J6 panel, but his defense has been disjointed and frenzied.

Late yesterday, Trump finally got to the heart of what he wants: to do “something” about that darn government that just won’t leave him alone.

Trump suggested yesterday that his followers overthrow the government that wronged him – but is anyone listening?


Donald Trump Learned Nothing After January 6 Hearings

It’s clear to anyone paying attention that the House panel’s investigation into January 6 hasn’t made the former POTUS contrite.

If anything, Trump seems to feel empowered now that he continues to avoid accountability for inciting a mob at the Capitol in 2021.

And an emboldened Trump is ramping up his calls for supporters to “do something” about his 2020 loss.

On Tuesday, Trump wrote on Truth Social, “‘The FBI and Twitter COLLUDED to elect Joe Biden.’ Jesse Watters. In other words, the 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED & STOLEN. It all began a long time ago, they SPIED on my campaign, and tried to ‘RIGG’ the 2016 Election, but failed.”

He continued, “Remember, our government is doing this, not a person or party. What should be done about such a terrible thing, or should we let someone who was elected by cheating and fraud stay in office and continue to destroy our Country?”

If it sounds like he’s compelling his followers to overthrow the government, that’s probably because that’s exactly what he hopes will happen.

Remember that leading up to January 6, Trump never used direct language to incite violence – simply hinted at what he hoped people would do.

And they showed up and tried their best. It’s unclear if anyone is listening this time, but Trump has a history of pulling followers from the shadows to do his bidding, so anyone counting him out may be making a grave mistake.

Trump seems to feel completely bulletproof now that he’s walked away from January 6 without a scratch.

But the Department of Justice is still waiting in the wings – and Trump may not be unscathed for long.

What Happens now that the Justice Department Has the House’s Criminal Charge Referrals for Trump?

The question on everyone’s mind: if the Department of Justice finds that their investigation conclusion agrees with the J6 House Panel’s conclusion, will they indict former President Trump?

And the answer is a layered and complex one.

Indicting a former or sitting President is a grave and historic move that changes the landscape politically. Attorney General Merrick Garland is well aware of what’s at stake for democracy in general as he weighs the possibility of indictment.

If the DOJ’s investigation finds that Trump is criminally liable (not necessarily a given), and they don’t indict him – he and other bad actors who follow will receive a carte blanche to do as they wish and continue to threaten democracy.

But if they do indict, the Department of Justice could be used in the future by similar bad actors as a political tool against rivals.

Some have suggested that indicting a former President turns America into a banana republic.

But what do you do if that former POTUS incited insurrection? Letting them walk away without accountability doesn’t seem like an option.

It’s not an easy decision for the Department of Justice, and of course is predicated upon the assumption that they find criminal liability for Trump. They may not.

Just because the House found criminal liability does not mean the DOJ will.

But givern the preponderance of evidence, it seems likely that they also will.

Then Trump will be facing an enemy he can’t run from, explain away, or dodge – a situation the former President is completely unused to.