Donald Trump Privately Freaking Out Over Possibility Of Prison

Former President Donald Trump has been doing his best to portray an air of nonchalance about multiple impending criminal court

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump has been doing his best to portray an air of nonchalance about multiple impending criminal court cases. He brushes off questions of concern and acts like it’s all business as usual.

But in private, the business mogul seems to be singing a different tune. Those close to the former President said that his private questions do not align with his public persona of non-concern. Here’s what they have to say about his state of mind heading into multiple battles in the courts.

Trump Is Used To Winning

Donald Trump

They don’t call him “Teflon Don” for no reason. Former President Donald Trump is known to be a man who can take on all comers and emerge relatively unscathed. Civil lawsuit after civil lawsuit has been ruled in Trump’s favor. Over time, this has convinced the business titan that he’s nearly untouchable.

Unfortunately for Trump, civil lawsuits are not exactly the same as major criminal indictments. The former President is grappling with the dubious honor of being the first former US President to be indicted on multiple federal criminal charges. And he will soon be facing a four-front war with the courts. Any one of the cases against him comes with serious consequences should he be found guilty.

It could well be a jarring and disturbing moment for Trump. After all, he’s never faced trouble of this magnitude. Trump has privately admitted that he was eager to run for President again in 2024 partly because of the temporary immunity from prosecution he might gain as a sitting President. But it looks like most if not all of the cases against him will wrap before voters take to the polls in 2024. And unless he can convince the American voters that a potential felon is their best candidate, he could face a worst-case scenario.

Donald Trump Privately Worried Over Possibility Of Prison

Donald Trump

In public, Donald Trump brushes off questions about whether or not he’s afraid of prison time. In private, he worries over the details of what prison time could look like. Rolling Stone says that sources close to Trump give a glimpse into the former President’s worried mind. They say he wonders whether he will serve time in a club-fedd” comfortable prison, or go to one he calls “bad.” He wonders about the possibility of home confinement and worries that the government will strip him of Secret Service protection. The former President also worries about whether he will be forced to wear an orange jumpsuit, as many prisoners do. Trump privately seems exceptionally worried about the details of a prison sentence he boasts that he will never have to serve. But with four serious criminal cases looming, it’s understandable to worry.

Only time will tell what will happen in the courts. And whether Donald Trump will have to serve any actual prison time. But for now, the concern that he faces hard prison time is worrying the former President. Despite his protestations to the contrary. Last week, Trump spoke with Kristen Welker on NBC. And, borrowing heavily from Gen Z lingo, he scoffed, “I don’t even think about it. I’m built a little differently I guess.”

It remains to be seen if that bravado will last.