Donald Trump Promises ‘Death’ Of The Auto Industry

Former President Donald Trump is promising the death of the auto industry in the next few years. Trump took to

Donald Trump
October 17, 2023, New York, New York, USA: Former President Donald Trump attends his civil fraud trial and talks to the media as he walks to and from the courtroom during the 3rd week of his NYS civil fraud case in the NYS Supreme Courthouse. (PHOTO: Andrea RENAULT/Zuma Press). Photo credit: / MEGA

Former President Donald Trump is promising the death of the auto industry in the next few years. Trump took to Truth Social to share his ominous prediction on Wednesday, amid a week of sitting for trial and campaigning. As the auto worker strike stretches onward, it’s setting itself up to become a pivotal topic for the 2024 election. A topic that Trump has the time to focus on, while Joe Biden is focused on urgent foreign affairs.

Trump Faces Uphill Battle In Court This Week

Donald Trump

Former President Donald J Trump is arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on April 3 2023. Credit: Curtis Means – Pool via John Roca Photography / CNP. Photo credit: Seth Wenig – Pool via CNP / MEGA

Donald Trump is currently duking it out in court this week. And things aren’t going particularly well. On Monday, Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing the 2020 election interference trial, issued a limited gag order against Trump. The former POTUS railed against the gag order and promised to appeal it. But so far, he has mostly abided by Chutkan’s order. If he violates it, Trump could face sanctions.

And in the New York trial investigating the potential fraud of his Trump Organization, Tuesday was a tough day for Trump and his company. A witness called Trump’s statements of financial condition “inappropriate and inaccurate.” Appraiser Doug Larson took the stand this week, as his name appears multiple times throughout several Trump Organization documents. However, it appears that the Trump Organization fabricated his statements – as he doesn’t remember making them.

Aside from calling numbers appraising Trump Org properties into question, Larson says he was never told they would be using him in their financial disclosures. It’s a bad look for Trump, whose statements about his company’s assets are now in serious doubt.

Donald Trump Promises Death Of Auto Industry

Donald Trump, Truth Social

Donald Trump, Truth Social

However, it wasn’t the disastrous trial unfolding in New York that was on Donald Trump’s mind early Wednesday. It was the auto industry. He took to Truth Social with an ominous warning, which began, “The United Autoworkers have no choice. They are not being told the truth by their union ‘heads.'”

He added, “The Auto Industry is DEAD if they don’t VOTE FOR TRUMP. I will triple their jobs within two years, immediately authorizing CHOICE OF PROPULSION IN ALL CARS (and Trucks!).” He continued, “Car Choice, School Choice! Under the Biden Administration, there will be no such thing as a U.S. Autoworker within 3 years. All cars and trucks will be made in China, and other foreign lands!”

Trump likely sees the auto worker strike as a homerun topic for him. After all, increasing strikes across the country, especially in a vital industry like the auto industry, are important for voters. But Biden is swamped with foreign relations issues and the chaos in the House of Representatives. Trump, on the other hand, has enough free time between trials and campaigns to focus on the strike, which is a point in his favor. That free time won’t last, however. Trump will soon be facing multiple criminal trials and a hot-and-heavy campaign season ahead of the primaries, which are about three months away.