Donald Trump Rages At Forbes’ ‘Dumb Writers’ For Removing Him From ‘Forbes 400’

Former President Donald Trump is furious at the writers at Forbes Magazine for removing him from their list of the

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump is furious at the writers at Forbes Magazine for removing him from their list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. As Trump struggles to bolster his image amid multiple high-profile trials, Forbes is kneecapping his reputation with the public.

The former POTUS took to Truth Social on Monday to share his rage at the magazine’s decision. There, he blasted the company’s “dumb writers” and predicted the downfall of the popular outlet.

Trump Struggles To Maintain Public Image After Judge Calls His Business Fraudulent

Donald Trump is working hard to maintain his image after it was dealt a major blow by Judge Arthur Engoron. Engoron is overseeing a civil lawsuit filed by Attorney General of New York Letitia James’ office. The lawsuit alleges that Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization engaged in fraudulent business practices.

Engoron announced in late September that he does find Trump and the Organization liable for fraud. It was a devastating blow to Trump. With the trial, his company’s ability to do business in New York is on the line. The AG’s office is seeking revocation of business permits, in the hope that a favorable judgment would stop the Trump Organization’s ability to do any business in New York. The fact that Engoron, before the trial even kicked off, suggested that Trump is liable for fraud is exactly what the business mogul didn’t need.

Now, he’s scrambling to salvage his professional reputation. Many Trump supporters are happy to overlook the 91 felony charges filed against the former POTUS. But his business dealings are another matter entirely. After all, Trump has built his entire public persona around the idea that he’s a wildly successful businessman who knows what he’s doing. If his business is found to be standing on pillars of fraud and dishonesty, his reputation would take a massive hit.

Donald Trump Rages At Forbes’ ‘Dumb Writers’ After They Remove Him From Wealthiest 400 List

Donald Trump, Truth Social

That could be why Donald Trump seems so furious at Forbes. Every year, the publication shares its list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. Trump has always found himself comfortably seated on that list. Now, however, he has been removed from the illustrious 400.

Trump took to Truth Social to rage about his removal from the list. The former POTUS snarled, “China owned (China Investment Corp, the Country’s Sovereign wealth Fund!), and very badly failing, Forbes ‘Magazine,’ which lost most of its relevance long ago, and which knows less about me than Stormy Daniels (who doesn’t know me at all!) or Rosie O’Donnell, took me off their Fake Forbes 400 list, just by a ‘whisker,’ even though they know that I should be high up on that now very dated and discredited ‘antique.’ They are working with the Racist and highly incompetent, job killing Attorney General of New York, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James, who has allowed Murder and Violent Crime in the State to hit epidemic levels.”

The business titan went on to add, “China owned Forbes is a participant in the Election Interference Scam, and after what I have done to China, with hundreds of billions of dollars being paid to the USA, who can blame them? For years Forbes has attacked me with really dumb writers assigned to hit me hard, and I am now up 60 Points on the Republicans, and beating Crooked Joe by a lot. So much for Forbes!”

Trump ‘Doesn’t Care,’ But He Really Does

While Donald Trump may be trying to project an air of nonchalance, his removal from the list has consequences. After all, once the image of him as a successful businessman crumbles, the people who support him for those skills may start second-guessing themselves. And with the 2024 primaries just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be worse for Trump.