Donald Trump Shares Social Media Post Comparing Him to Jesus

Of all the things that can be said of Donald Trump, that he is humble is not usually one of

Donald Trump Shares Social Media Post Comparing Him to Jesus

Of all the things that can be said of Donald Trump, that he is humble is not usually one of them.

But things got a little weird on Truth Social Thursday after the former POTUS shared a post that places him on a tier with the Christian's almighty savior: Jesus Christ.

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Is Donald Trump Second Only to Jesus?

Worshipping politicians isn't usually an American trait. Before Donald Trump, people had their favorites and their least favorites, but they were treated like something just south of celebrities.

Famous, interesting, but not really worship-worthy.

That all changed with the advent of President Donald Trump in 2016. Suddenly, there was a president who was not only beloved, he was worshipped – by millions.

And it seems Trump knows that, after he re-truth'd a post on Thursday that included an image of Jesus Christ and had the caption, "Jesus is the Greatest. President @realDonaldTrump is the second greatest."

Second only to Jesus Christ? It's a bold claim, but it does align with Trump's popularity among his followers, who would follow him to the grave if he asked them.

Case in point: the January 6, 2021 riots where people actually did put their life on the line to try to protect his claim to the presidency. It's a bizarre development for a country who usually treats their politicians with scorn, but posts such as the one Trump shared today highlight just how deeply ingrained hero worship is for his followers and how hard they'll fight to restore him to the presidency in 2024.

Special Master is Backfiring and Could Cost Trump Big Bucks

While is follower popularity is clearly on the rise, one thing is still a problem for the former POTUS: his mounting legal woes.

In the case of the documents seized from his private residence Mar-a-Lago by the Department of Justice, his legal team's bid to appoint a special master to oversee processing has backfired spectacularly.

The special master, US District Court Judge Raymond Dearie, has pressed the Trump legal team to provide proof of every allegation they've made, proof which they either don't have or are reluctant to show their hand on because they believe a criminal indictment may be coming soon.

And now, he could cost Trump a whole lot of money after writing an order for some help sifting through the stacks of documents ahead of a late fall deadline.

Per Newsweek, Dearie, "… says he'll need help sifting through the more than 11,000 records—and it could come at a hefty financial cost to the former president.

Dearie, a New York-based federal judge, laid out his plan for the review of the documents in a court filing Thursday. The plan signed by Dearie proposes that he'll require help from James Orenstein, a retired magistrate judge, who will bill Trump at a rate of $500 per hour. The potential added legal fees come after a series of recent court setbacks for Trump."

But it's not just the Mar-a-Lago investigation albatross on Trump's back. The FPOTUS is also facing peril from a New York lawsuit alleging massive fraud by the Trump Organization, and Trump and most of his children, and the fact that the January 6 panel hearings will resume next Wednesday.

Trump's legal team is fighting battles on all sides, and with that in mind it's somewhat understandable why Trump feels persecuted – and could find the Jesus comparison apt. However, that doesn't make it any less strange.