‘If We Don’t [Win], America is Finished’: Donald Trump’s Social Media Posts Continue to Grow Darker and More Ominous

With the January 6 hearings resuming next week, former President Donald Trump's social media posts are ramping up. But lately,

Donald Trump's Social Media Posts Continue to Grow Darker and More Ominous

With the January 6 hearings resuming next week, former President Donald Trump's social media posts are ramping up.

But lately, they've taken on a darker vibe as midterm elections near and legal woes stack up. Trump is determined to get his followers to understand that this is their last chance to retake America and hold it for MAGA ideals.

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Trump’s Social Media Presence Has Been Growing Darker

If you follow Trump on Truth Social, you might believe the sky is falling. From taunting President Joe Biden over his dire warnings about potential nuclear war with Russia to throwing his Republican predecessors under the bus to deflect attention from the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation, Trump is lashing out at anyone who stands between him and his goal of retaking the Presidency.

But he isn't just pointing fingers.

He's also issuing warnings. Some of them dire, making it seem as though America is teetering on the edge of a tumble into the abyss of chaos and anarchy.

Critics worry that Trump himself would be the author of the chaos, but Trump wants his followers to know that he feels as though it's his enemies causing the instability. In one social media post on Truth yesterday, Trump re-truth'd a meme lauding the former POTUS for being the whole package and saying they must win the presidency back. Trump wrote, "If we don't, America is finished."

Trump's dire and ominous posts are no mistake. They align with the beliefs of many of his followers, evangelical Christians who feel as though there are signs of their biblical end times approaching.

Trump has harnessed their fears and is zeroing in on a desperate vibe that encourages his followers to act now before it's too late – because the end is nigh.

Raw Story writes, "Trump likely didn't know that claiming his election was stolen by the 'evil' so-called 'deep state' would energize such groups, but it has.

'For those who believe deeply in the devious powers of the Antichrist, stealing an election looks like a simple first step in an even larger plan,' wrote Slate.

'It’s hard to ignore how aligned this framing is with QAnon conspiracy theories, which place Trump and good Christians at odds with the blood-drinking, child-trafficking, Satan-worshiping elites running the country,' the report also explained. 'The QAnon theories often showcase a messianic figure (Trump) assembling an army of brave Christian followers to take on scheming demonic forces and ultimately win in one great triumphant battle ('the Storm').'

They're all very similar to premillennial dispensationalists who think that Jesus is fighting Satan in some kind of final battle across the world."

Intentional in the beginning or not, Trump's embrace of the "end is coming" philosophy is now no mistake.

Is the Former President in Mental Decline? His Critics Seem to Think So

But there are other reasons, some critics suggest, that could explain Trump's sudden appearance of paranoia and doomsaying.

Ever since Trump first started running for president ahead of 2016, people played around with the idea that he may be suffering from a mental illness caused by a physical disease. Some favorites include mini-strokes, late-stage dementia, or even a long-term syphilis infection.

While some of Trump's behavior does fit the profile for dementia-like symptoms (including paranoia, a lack of empathy, confusion, compulsive or impulsive behavior, repetitive behavior and anger), so far there's no proof that he's in serious mental decline.

However, it's a conversation many voters want to have as America looks down the barrel of another general election in 2024 that could well have two quite elderly gentleman vying for the most powerful seat in the US – again.

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