Donald Trump Spirals Rapidly on Truth after News Breaks of New Federal Indictments

Former President Donald Trump is making history in all the wrong ways. Yesterday, news broke that a grand jury in

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump is making history in all the wrong ways.

Yesterday, news broke that a grand jury in Florida voted to indict the former President on 38 federal charges – including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a document or record, corruptly concealing a document or record, concealing a document in a federal investigation, scheme to conceal and false statements and representations.

These are all incredibly serious crimes that overshadow the over 30 state indictments a Manhattan grand jury levied against Trump earlier this year.

This marks the first time that a former President has ever been slapped with two sets of indictments, and the first time a former President (or presidential candidate) has ever been federally indicted.


It was a somber day for America, even while critics of Trump breathed a sigh of relief.

Trump, however, felt no sighs of relief – no sense of “now that’s done, let’s focus on what’s next.”

Just after the news broke, Trump took to Truth for a three-part list of grievances, starting with: “Page 1: The corrupt Biden Administration has informed my attorneys that I have been Indicted, seemingly over the Boxes Hoax, even though Joe Biden has 1850 Boxes at the University of Delaware, additional Boxes in Chinatown, D.C., with even more Boxes at the University of Pennsylvania, and documents strewn all over his garage floor where he parks his Corvette, and which is “secured” by only a garage door that is paper thin, and open much of the time.”

He added, “Page 2: I have been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday, at 3 PM. I never thought it possible that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States, who received far more votes than any sitting President in the History of our Country, and is currently leading, by far, all Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, in Polls of the 2024 Presidential Election. I AM AN INNOCENT MAN!”

And concluded, “Page 3: This is indeed a DARK DAY for the United States of America. We are a Country in serious and rapid Decline, but together we will Make America Great Again!”

These were all posted just before 7:30PM EST on Thursday.

Since then – just over 12 hours later – Trump has gone on a tirade on Truth, posting or reposting more than 62 times in that short time frame.

The former President’s rapidly spiraling situation is leading him to a sense of frustration and helplessness, two feelings he’s not used to mastering.

According to a tweet by CBS News correspondent Robert Costa, Trump was particularly blind-sided because his ragtag collection of legal defenders assured him that he would not be indicted. In an effort to make the former POTUS feel better, they simply ignored the growing peril – at their own risk.

Costa wrote, “What I’m hearing… Trump is frustrated not just with the indictment but with people in his inner circle who reassured him for months that it was very unlikely to happen… source close to Trump says ‘too much happy talk for way too long’ about what could happen.”

Last night, Trump told his followers exactly where he will be on Tuesday, and at what time.

It was no accident. Trump has, in the past, told followers to show up to stop his indictment – to protest and fight. And it’s likely he will ask them to do the same thing this time.

But the response to his last call to arms was lackluster at best, and it’s unclear what response he will receive this time.

It should be noted that last time, Trump was being indicted in Manhattan – a Democrat stronghold. This time, he is in the heart of Republican territory in Florida, so the showing may be slightly more impressive.

Either way though, all the ranting, raving and fury posting on Truth won’t stop the fact that Trump has now been indicted for a historic second time, and will face the court on Tuesday to be arraigned.

Editor’s note: When the article was published, it was reported that Trump was facing 7 felony charges. Since then, his indictment has been unsealed and it was revealed that he is facing 38 federal charges, most of which relate to the Espionage Act. The information in the article has been updated to reflect this information.