Donald Trump’s Successor Ron DeSantis is Poised to Topple the Throne, Focusing on Biden Instead of Florida Reelection

Donald Trump is the favorite to take the Republican nomination in 2024. Still taking just under half of Republican voters'

Donald Trump's Successor Ron DeSantis is Poised to Topple the Throne

Donald Trump is the favorite to take the Republican nomination in 2024.

Still taking just under half of Republican voters' support in a hypothetical primary ahead of the 2022 midterms, Trump still holds a commanding lead over potential rivals.

But one up-and-coming Republican star is breathing down his neck, and appears poised to topple the king from his throne as he focuses on President Joe Biden instead of his ongoing reelection campaign for Florida Governor: Ron DeSantis.

Down with the King

If you watch his recent press conferences or pay attention to ads, Ron DeSantis may not even realize that he's running for re-election in Florida.

DeSantis is currently laser-focused on the biggest baddie in the land: President Biden.

At every opportunity, DeSantis is taking swipes at the current President and promising to fight for the working man against the "ruling elite."

Floridians neck-deep in rising home insurance costs, concerns over rising taxes as the Disney independent district is planned to dissolve in 2023, and increasingly turbulent weather due to climate change are wondering – where is our Governor?

But what DeSantis is doing isn't anything new for the Republican playbook. By taking his state's fight to the national level, he's leveraging the unpopularity of the current administration to gain points with his voters.

And because he's ostensibly focused on the big picture fight, his opponents will find it tough to score hits against him by striking against policy in the state he's actually leading.

But the Polls…

Many strategists believe that this is DeSantis' first step towards announcing his intent to run for president in 2024, and it could be.

But by running for national popularity, he's pleasing an ever-growing base of voters in Florida who aren't overly interested in local issues and prefer to focus on the larger battle in Washington.

Trump, for his part, is trying to play up polls that swing in his favor, pointing out that he still holds favor among most likely Republican voters.

Unfortunately for Trump and his loyal followers, DeSantis is rapidly closing the gap. Assuming he chooses to run, of course – which seems like a foregone conclusion despite his protestations of focusing on Florida first.

Those who oppose the former President are watching and wondering, would a DeSantis administration really be so bad? After all, he's no Donald Trump.

Key Differences

Ron DeSantis Now Favorite to Win over Donald Trump as Former President Signals Willingness to Sign FL Gov as VP

There are some key differences between Trump and DeSantis.

Trump, for instance, isn't overly concerned with legality; he has teams he relies on to guide him, and then takes their advice at his discretion.

DeSantis is keenly versed in the law, and careful to operate within the framework, sometimes walking along the edge. But DeSantis' approach makes his legislative overtures harder for opponents to overturn.

DeSantis is more a traditional conservative, espousing family values and a focus on business growth and "blue collar" concerns. Trump, on the other hand, flirts with traditional values but is appreciated precisely for his deviation from typical politics.

For Republican voters, DeSantis is like a polished and more focused Trump and an opportunity to reset without losing their momentum. For opponents, he's a nightmare.

As the polls fluctuate and the Republicans'' two most popular figureheads battle it out for the heart of the nation, voters are starting to settle into camps of supporters.

If DeSantis wanted to, he could likely topple Trump's throne with little effort. Whether or not he chooses to is the question, but right now his focus is on federal concerns – and opponents on both sides of the aisle should take note.