Donald Trump Summons Nazi Propaganda To Blast Immigrants ‘Poisoning The Blood Of Our Country’

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversial statements. From inciting violence against reporters and praising the Capitol rioters,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Departs Trump Tower for Deposition

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversial statements. From inciting violence against reporters and praising the Capitol rioters, he often pushes the envelope of acceptable political behavior. But a new statement from Trump is not exactly business as usual. In fact, it’s alarmingly similar to the exact kind of propaganda that Nazis used during their rise to power in Germany in the 1930s.

And people are so exhausted by the never-ending controversy circus surrounding Trump that they may not even have picked up on it.

Trump Pleads For Help On Social Media

Donald Trump, Truth Social

Donald Trump is currently battling it out in court with Judge Arthur Engoron and the New York Attorney General’s office over accusations that he and his company, Trump Organization, have committed systematic fraud for decades.

Trump surprised everyone by appearing in court himself. And he has turned up to court every day this week, in a deviation from his usual “at a distance” approach to civil lawsuits. But this is no typical lawsuit. This one threatens his ability to do business in New York in the future if things go against the former POTUS. And as such, he’s feeling the pinch.

This was evident by an unusual post that he made on Truth Social early Thursday morning. Trump wrote, “The ridiculous A.G. case against me in New York, brought by the Racist and Incompetent Peekaboo James, is being studied and mocked all over the World. Companies are Fleeing! It, and the highly political, Trump Hating Judge, are DESTROYING the Image and Reputation of the New York State Legal System & Courts. I don’t even get a Jury!” The former President added, “All of this while MURDERS & VIOLENT CRIME HIT UNIMAGINABLE RECORDS! This is sooo bad for New York.” He then cried, “HELP! The respected Commercial Division, where it should have been sent in the first place, must take over this ‘sh.. show.’”

It was a stark escalation in Trump’s public response to the trial. And shows that the strain is creeping in.

Donald Trump Leans on Nazi Propaganda To Blast Immigrants Poisoning The Blood Of Our Country’

This week, Donald Trump has bounced between triumphant and worried. As he faces down a fraud trial in New York, the former President is chafing against a limited gag order placed on him by the Judge overseeing the case.

As a result, Trump seems to be letting his tongue fly about every topic imaginable as he dances around the rules he’s supposed to follow. However, he isn’t exactly following those rules either as he continues his attacks on court officials amid the trial. But Trump, in his swing-wide effort to distract from his legal woes in New York, may have crossed a line that he can’t come back from.

In Mar-a-Lago, the former POTUS stood in front of the cameras for an outlet called National Pulse. Trump turned his attention to one of his favorite topics: bashing immigrants. The Medias Touch Network reports that Trump told the outlet, “Nobody has any idea where these people are coming from, and we know they come from prisons. We know they come from mental institutions and insane asylums. We know they’re terrorists. Nobody has ever seen anything like we’re witnessing right now.” He then mourned, “It is a very sad thing for our country. It’s poisoning the blood of our country.”

Comments about “blood” purity and “poison” are phrases similar to those used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. And the comment rated barely a blip in the media. It’s a perfect example of how Donald Trump‘s never-ending controversies have wearied his opponents. And how he is escalating his behavior in plain view.