Donald Trump Talks About ‘Hummus’ Attacks In Israel

Former President Donald Trump is known for making verbal gaffes during speeches. And occasionally, his online mistypes inspire memes and

Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump Addresses the Media at Financial Fraud Trial, NY County Courthouse, NY. 04 Oct 2023 Pictured: Donald Trump. Photo credit: Mayer / MEGA

Former President Donald Trump is known for making verbal gaffes during speeches. And occasionally, his online mistypes inspire memes and hilarity. But a new verbal gaffe has called his foreign policy knowledge into question. While speaking in Iowa this week, Trump mispronounced “Hamas.” And his slip-up has people laughing. But it wasn’t just the chickpea dip comments that people are scratching their heads over this week.

Trump also had praise for an Iranian terrorist organization and criticism for Israel‘s Prime Minister.

Trump Slams Netanyahu And Praises Hezbollah

Donald Trump is no stranger to praising leaders that Americans consider the bad guy. He’s friends with Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He also has praised the iron-fisted Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

But he still raised eyebrows while speaking in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday. Trump praised the Iranian organization Hezbollah, which has been designated by the US as a terrorist organization. Hezbollah and Israel’s military exchanged weapon fire on Wednesday. And Trump said of the scuffle, “You know, Hezbollah is very smart. They’re all very smart.” He immediately seemed to recognize his gaffe but doubled down on it; “The press doesn’t like when they say it.” He recalled a time when he called Xi a “very smart man” because “1.4 billion people, he controls it with an iron fist. They kill me the next day — ‘I said he was smart.’ What am I going to say? But Hezbollah, they’re very smart.”

And Trump went so far as to criticize Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, long considered a staunch ally of the United States. Trump seemed to go off script as he said, “I’ll never forget that Bibi Netanyahu let us down. That was a very terrible thing. So we were disappointed by that. Very disappointed. But we did the job ourself. It was absolute precision, magnificent, beautiful job. And then Bibi tried to take credit for it. That didn’t make me feel too good. But that’s all right.”

Donald Trump Talks About ‘Hummus’ Attacks In Israel

But things got even weirder in Iowa when Donald Trump had a few comments to make about the escalating war between Palestine’s Hamas leadership and Israel.

A bored-sounding Trump was reading from the teleprompter when he seemed to absentmindedly call Hamas “hummus.” Hummus, of course, is a chickpea-based paste dip or spread. Not the violent regime at the head of Palestine.

Trump said in front of a Cedar Rapids, IA, crowd, “I heard about today, the ‘hummus’ – ‘Hamus’ terrorist invasion. I mean when you think about – and what do you think of Hamas? What do you think? Do you know about Hamas?” The fact that he so quickly corrected himself suggests that the former President does indeed know how to pronounce the organization’s name. However, his bored mein at the podium suggests that he was speaking on autopilot. But late-night hosts and the internet don’t care why he slipped up, they’re laughing anyway.

Jimmy Kimmel quipped, “Could you imagine anyone else in the world doing anything even remotely like that? The guy who claims to be the most pro-Israel president of all time was in Cedar Rapids on Saturday demonstrating the deep well of insight he has into this ongoing conflict in the Middle East.” He added, “Yes the hummus, the baba ghanoush, what they’re doing is a disgrace.”

And Meidas Touch editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski joked, “Apparently, Israel was attacked by hummus.” A commenter replied to his post, “I’ll be d–ned if you think I’m gonna stay quiet on Facebook while Hummus attacks Israel.”

President Joe Biden is also no stranger to verbal gaffes. Between him and President Donald Trump, the 2024 election cycle could become a war of words – badly mangled words. Biden is known for having a stutter. Trump’s reason for verbal stumbles remains unclear.