Donald Trump’s Most Recent Truth Attacks Put One Person’s Life in Serious Danger

Donald Trump is famous for riling up his supporters.Whether he’s on the campaign trail and whipping up frenzied crowds of

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is famous for riling up his supporters.
Whether he’s on the campaign trail and whipping up frenzied crowds of supporters or turning to Truth Social to air out his grievances, the former POTUS knows how to create a good mob.

Case in point: the January 6 riots at the Capitol. Whether or not someone believes the rioters attempted an insurrection, it’s undeniably that they were summoned to Washington at Trump’s behest.

With that much power, one would assume Trump would be careful with his words lest he catch an innocent person in the crosshairs of his followers’ wrath.

But Trump is not the type of person to think about anyone’s security but his own, and his latest attacks on Truth Social could spell disaster for one person in particular – and certainly spell danger.


Donald Trump Attacks Ruby Freeman, Again

Hers is a name known to many: Ruby Freeman.

A Georgia election worker, Freeman famously sat before the January 6 House panel to verify her testimony, he words help making the panel’s case against former POTUS Trump.

But Freeman’s desire to tell the truth and do her duty as a citizen has come at a high cost.

In the past, she’s been targeted by racist and sexist threats.

In June of 2022, Freeman told the world, “There is nowhere I feel safe. Nowhere. Do you know how it feels to have the president of the United States target you?”

After Trump and several of his cohorts including Rudy Giuliani attacked Freeman for her compliance with the J6 committee, Freeman was told to vacate her home of two decades for her safety.

She said on the stand, ““The president of the United States is supposed to represent every American, not to target one, but he targeted me, Lady Ruby, a small business owner, a mother, a proud American citizen who stood up to help Fulton County run an election in the middle of a pandemic.”

She added at the time, “I haven’t worn it since and I’ll never wear it again,” she testified. “I get nervous when I bump into someone in the grocery store who says my name — I’m worried about who’s listening. I get nervous when I have to give my name for food orders.”

“I’ve lost my name, and I lost my reputation. I’ve lost my sense of security. All because a group of people, starting with [Trump], and his ally Rudy Giuliani, decided to scapegoat me and my daughter.”

And now, the nightmare returns for Freeman.

Donald Trump Believes Freeman is the Key to Deflecting Attention from his Ongoing Legal Headaches

Trump renewed his attack on the election worker this week.

He took to Truth Social to write, “Wow! Has anyone seen the Ruby Freeman ‘contradictions’ of her sworn testimony? Now this is ‘BIG STUFF.’Look what was captured by Cobb County police body cameras on January 4, 2021. ‘And everything they are saying is false. Everything from the quote unquote SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO THE WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.THE FBI…REACHED OUT TO ME ONLY TO CLEAR MY SOCIAL MEDIA (evidence tampering?)…COUNT WAS LOW, IT WAS REALLY LOW.’ Now it gets really bad,TRUTH 2.”

The former POTUS continued his attacks, writing, “Ruby Freeman, page 2: ‘BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up…so that’s how the number was CREATED, by the ballots going through the scanner…I do want an attorney. IT’S ALL A FRAUD. EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING IS FALSE. FROM THE SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.’ They got Ruby 7 top D.C. lawyers and protection from the FBI (Again?). WHY? She then ‘changed’ her statements – LIED? TROUBLE FOR RUBY!!!”

Trump then added, “What will the Great State of Georgia do with the Ruby Freeman MESS? Why not just tell the TRUTH, get rid of the turmoil and guilt, and take our Country back from the evils and treachery of the Radical Left monsters who want to see America die? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

If the comments about Freeman sound vaguely threatening and ominous, it seems to be by design.

Freeman’s nightmare is starting all over again as Trump revisits his greatest complaints of 2022 – and this time, Trump’s followers are even angrier and more radicalized by time and distance from power.

It’s unclear at this point if Freeman will file a lawsuit against Trump – but the internet seems to think she should.