Donald Trump Looks and Sounds Ill as he Sweats his Way Through Meandering Truth Vid About Drugs

Donald Trump isn’t exactly a glowing specimen of health. Although he would certainly tell you that he is, Trump’s ruddy

Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn’t exactly a glowing specimen of health. Although he would certainly tell you that he is, Trump’s ruddy complexion and overall countenance don’t spell someone at the height of their physical fitness.

Of course, few politicians are – so he’s hardly alone.

But a new video posted on Truth Social shows Trump looking even less peak performance than ever, and sounding a little sick.

In the video, Trump blasts drug cartels and the drug epidemic he says is sweeping the US – and vows to answer it with force.


Donald Trump Sweats in new Truth Social Vid

Donald Trump addresses drug and border crisis on Truth Social – January 5, 2023.

Trump is impeccable about his appearance. His hair has to be “just so,” his coats are cut long to hide his modest belly, and he wears makeup to make his face look glowing and hale.

But in a new Truth Social video, all of Trump’s special effects can’t hide the fact that he seems ill; sweating, slightly hoarse, and more fidgety than usual.

It could just be a result of late nights caused by worrying over his compounding legal woes, his lack of support for 2024, and every other issue he’s facing that would be more than any one person could tolerate at the best of their health.

Or it could be because he’s in his 70’s and feeling the years.

Either way, Trump’s glistening face and barely hoarse voice were the first physical signs of the strain Trump is under.

In the video, Trump opened with, “Fentanyl, heroin, meth and other lethal drugs are pouring across our wide-open border, stealing hundreds of thousands of beautiful American lives. And it’s happening like never before in American history.”

Trump then described the way drugs have affected the lives of Americans, saying that drugs are “poisoning” the country from within.

Trump called to “wage war” against the drug cartels from Mexico, saying they’re “making more money than they’ve ever made before times ten.”

Trump then promised to use special forces to tackle the drug cartels, if he should be re-elected after 2024.

Trump said, “remember, in Mexico alone, an estimated 100,00 citizens have been tragically murdered or gone missing at the hands of these cartels.” He called the president of Mexico a fine person, but says he’s in over his head, saying Mexico is “stymied.”

Trump then threatened allied countries, promising to reveal “kickbacks” and “bribes” that has prevented them from cracking down on the drug smugglers and human traffickers thus far.

If the video seems random, it’s not.

A Mexican prison recently came under attack by a strong drug cartel in the border town of Juarez, and it has generated buzz and fear among many conservative circles as the Biden administration mulls what the future of border policy will be.

Trump is looking for a cause to embolden his base after an embarrassing week, but whether or not drug cartels in Mexico will work magic for him remains to be seen.

The Grip of Donald Trump on the Republican Party is Loosening

This week, it became clear that the star of Donald Trump is in serious wane.

The former POTUS told Republicans to set aside their differences and voice for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

But they ignored him.

After multiple rounds of voting, McCarthy still hasn’t received the requisite votes.

And the people refusing to vote for him are Trump’s own brand of rabid MAGA supporters – Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and others. Boebert even scolded Trump from the House floor.

It was a stunning rebuke of the former President’s power and a stark reminder of how little power he currently holds.

Trump can’t garner endorsements from any politicians of note, mega-donors are turning their nose up at him, and even the news cycle has seemed to move on from the former POTUS as he can’t seem to find any time to talk on cable news networks.

During Trump’s New Year’s Eve 2022/2023 party, cable news networks refused to cover the event – even though they were expressly invited.

It’s likely all contributing to the image of Trump that was presented on Truth Social yesterday – hoarse, sweating, and looking unsettled.