Shaken Donald Trump Turns on GOP Allies After Polls Spook Fmr POTUS

Donald Trump spent much of Tuesday ranting his way through the State of the Union address by President Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump spent much of Tuesday ranting his way through the State of the Union address by President Joe Biden.

In what he claims was an event watched by “millions and millions,” Trump gave a play-by-play of the President’s speech, blasting him for taking credit for things Trump says he was responsible for.

During the play-by-play and more noticeably before it started, Trump did something very on brand, however, and he turned viciously on Republican allies.

Trump shared some defamatory posts about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and reminded the GOP just how volatile and dangerous the cart they hitched their wagon to actually is.


Donald Trump Goes for the Jugular on Ron DeSantis

If there’s one thing that can be said about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s focused on looking out for Donald Trump.

And that means that he’s willing and even gleeful to throw any and everyone under the bus if it means he can preserve his goals.

The GOP often seems to forget this, thinking that his Trump-to-the-top doggedness would drag them along for the ride with zero consequences.

But those consequences are being revealed as Trump seems willing to light the entire Republican party on fire to avoid losing to anyone else, even his protege, DeSantis.

Trump seems to be getting spooked by recent polls that show DeSantis closing the primary gap with Donald Trump and even in some cases overtaking him.

So he’s begun attacking DeSantis in earnest on Truth Social.

Trump took to Truth on Tuesday to attack DeSantis’s voting record, and blast supporters for not recognizing that Trump – according to Trump – is responsible for DeSantis’s 2018 win as Governor.

He also shared an image that purports to show a young adult Ron DeSantis partying with high-school aged girls who appear to be holding alcohol.

Trump signal boosts a rumor that DeSantis used to party with his students when he taught high school fresh out of college, which would put the girls at around 16-18, and him in his early to mid-20’s.

If true, it’s a disturbing allegation that warrants investigation for grooming and perhaps criminal involvement with minors. But the proof is sketchy and provided through blurry photos and rumors, so until there’s something more substantial, Trump is merely passing on hearsay.

But of course, the problem with attacking DeSantis is that he isn’t just hurting the Florida Governor: he’s hurting the entire Republican party.

By systematically exposing DeSantis’s flaws and tearing down his belief system one by one, he’s also doing the same to a large number of conservative Republicans who feel the same way that DeSantis does. And during the SOTU speech, Trump also attacked Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and other “RINO”s (Republican In Name Only), alienating a huge portion of the GOP.

Effectively, he’s drawing a line in the sand between his loyalists and the rest of the GOP.

Many have speculated that if Trump doesn’t win the Republican nomination in 2024, he would run as an Independent candidate and split the party in two.

It’s a nightmare scenario for Republicans, who already have a smaller voter base than Democrats and can’t afford the split.

But Trump is showing this week and as always that he doesn’t care if the Republicans go down, he refuses to lose.

It’s one of those “be careful what you wish for” scenarios, where they wanted someone who would win at all costs – and now have exactly that on their hands.

Donald Trump and his SOTU Play-by-Play: Watched by Millions and Millions?

After blasting DeSantis and widening the rift in the Republican party, Trump got down to business “analyzing” Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech.

Most of the night, Trump took credit for everything Biden was claiming as a win for Democrats.

On everything from kidney transplants to security and inflation, Trump was there to take credit.

This morning, he boasted that his play-by-play was so popular that it caused a surge in Truth Social traffic.

Trump wrote, “Big night for ‘TRUTH’ last night. Tremendous numbers of people signed on to hear my ‘Play by Play’ of the SOTU Speech…Like I mean Millions and Millions of people, and TRUTH handled the Traffic well. Congrats to Devin Nunes and all of those great technicians and others who make TRUTH Social work. Despite all of the obstacles put in our path by the SEC, others in Government, and the Fake News Media, it is a giant success that reaches massive numbers of people, both Friend & Foe! Thank you!”

Trump has been pushing Truth as an alternative to mass media for months now, but continues to push conspiracy websites and far-right outlets that do little fact-checking and much fear-mongering.

However, there’s one thing that Truth does better than any other outlet, and that’s provide an uncensored peek into the mind of the once-and-possibly-future POTUS, Donald Trump.

For voters who have to consider him in 2024 for a possible return to the Presidency, Truth is an absolutely vital revelation into how he thinks.

That is, of course, assuming that Trump is not criminally indicted and barred from running in 2024 – and that’s a bet fewer people are willing to take as the weeks pass.