Donald Trump Warns ‘Death & Destruction’ Could Follow Indictment

Things are heating up in the legal world for Donald Trump. The former POTUS is facing even more strain as

Donald Trump death destruction

Things are heating up in the legal world for Donald Trump.

The former POTUS is facing even more strain as uncertainty circles his future with the Manhattan grand jury investigating an illegal hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Yesterday, Trump was back to screaming rages on Truth Social.

And overnight, it was clear the FPOTUS was having trouble sleeping because he posted in the early hours of the morning.

In that post, he suggested that “death & destruction” could possibly follow an indictment – not the first time he’s hinted at violence.


Donald Trump Hints at Violence Following an Indictment

Donald Trump death destruction

Over the weekend, Trump announced to the world that he would be arrested on Tuesday of this week.

He spent the rest of the weekend and early week ranting furiously about misconduct and “corruption” in the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. In the post announcing his impending arrest, Trump told followers to “PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST” and “take” the country “back.”

But Tuesday arrived and no arrest materialized. Few protests materialized.

It was a big nothing burger, and Trump seemed to draw a sigh of relief.

However, he was back to fury and ranting the very next day – signaling that at least behind the scenes, things are far from over.

Donald Trump death destruction

Late last night, a sleepless former POTUS took to Truth to challenge Bragg’s character, writing, “What kind of person can charge another person, in this case a former President of the United States, who got more votes than any sitting President in history, and leading candidate (by far!) for the Republican Party nomination, with a Crime, when it is known by all that NO Crime has been committed.”

He added, “& also known that potential death & destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic for our Country? Why & who would do such a thing? Only a degenerate psychopath that truely hates the USA!”

This isn’t the first time that Trump has alluded to violence should he be arrested. But if Tuesday is any sign, his followers aren’t ready for a January 6 round 2 and all the arrests that followed.

So “death & destruction” could be a very tall order.

What is Happening with Donald Trump’s Potential Arrest – and When?


With Tuesday come and gone, people are wondering what’s happening in Manhattan and when they can expect an arrest – if an arrest is to come.

The grand jury overseeing the hush money case meets three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They did not convene on Wednesday, and it seems as though they didn’t consider the case on Thursday either.

That means that if they’re finished with testimony and ready to deliberate, the grand jury will likely be charged (have all the potential charges read to them one by one) on Monday or Wednesday, and deliberate shortly after.

Once they’ve reached a decision, they pass their recommendation on to Bragg’s office. An indictment would require 12 of the 23 jury members to vote “yes” on recommending criminal charges.

The earliest the public is likely to see anything happen would be Monday through Wednesday. To be thorough, they could take all of next week and a potential indictment could come Thursday or Friday – but Tuesday or Wednesday seems just as likely.

Trump has told those closest to him that he wants to be handcuffed and perp walked. The image of a “persecuted” former president is one he’s already shown a desire to fundraise off of. In the days following his erroneous announcement that he would be arrested Tuesday, Trump raised $1.5M from supporters.

So the drama of it all would work in his favor. However, the district attorney is under no obligation to follow Trump’s desire for a spectacle and will likely try to arrange things peacefully with Trump’s Secret Service and legal teams.

What follows that is anyone’s guess. If Trump should be indicted – and it’s not a guarantee – he has hinted at protests both violent and peaceful. Few supporters showed up to protest on Tuesday despite his encouragement to do so, so it’s not clear if they plan to actually show up when (if) an indictment occurs.

But Trump believes they will.