Donald Trump Warns of ‘Most Dangerous Time’ After Blasting Joe Biden as ‘Enemy of the State’

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump took a stage in Pennsylvania in front of an energized and righteously indignant

Donald Trump

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump took a stage in Pennsylvania in front of an energized and righteously indignant crowd.

From blasting the FBI to excoriating President Joe Biden, Trump took his grievances to a live audience and harnessed their anger to throw around serious accusations, such as calling the current President of the United States an "enemy of the state."

Trump was at it again early Monday morning, blasting the 2020 election as "crooked."

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Donald Trump Lashes Out at Biden, Warns Americans Over the Weekend

Trump took the stage in Pennsylvania this weekend to assert that it's Biden, not extremists, who are enemies of the state.

Trump blasted Biden and Democrats, telling the rapt crowd, "Biden thinks making America great again is bad for our country. Do you believe it? That was in his—Biden says 'We got to stop MAGA.' That's when I defined it, because I don't think he knows what it meant. It means 'make America great again.' We have to stop it. Stop MAGA. Stop making America great again.

He thinks making America great again is a threat to our country. No, making America great again is great for our country."

The former POTUS added, "This November, we're going to stand up to this rising tyranny of sickness, lawlessness and death. And we are going to take back our country. We're going to take it."

This morning, Trump took to Truth Social to rapid-fire three biting posts:

"The USA is rapidly becoming a Third World Nation. Crooked Elections, No Borders, a Weaponized Justice Department & FBI, record setting INFLATION, highest ever Energy Prices (and everything else), and all, including our Military, is WOKE, WOKE, WOKE. Most dangerous time in the history of our Country!!!"

"The fired FBI Agent, it was just reported, was given the Laptop from Hell 11 days before the Presidential Election. He would NOT reveal it to anyone, knowing it would knock Biden out of the race – wouldn’t even be close. The Election was RIGGED, the FBI is corrupt!!!"

"Also Just Out: The Top Department of Justice lawyer was partners with Hunter’s attorney! The whole thing is one giant SCAM!!! Redo the Crooked Election!!! Great work by Charlie Hurt."

The posts were all re-hashes of the themes he focused on during his nearly two-hour speech in Pennsylvania. At different points over the weekend, Trump blasted Congressional Democrats, President Biden, and the FBI – calling them all corrupt and crooked, and promising his audience that they would right wrongs when they took control again. From the way he spoke, Trump clearly believes he is on the ballot in 2022 – a referendum on whether or not the MAGA culture will make a majority comeback or not.

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Will the ’60-day Rule’ Stall Investigations Against Trump?

And it's precisely that prickly possibility that has investigators at the DoJ carefully choosing their next steps. There is a rule known as the "60-day rule" at the DoJ that prevents the agency from taking public actions that could be seen to influence an election.

It's not an actual rule, just a loose guideline, and there are many questions as to whether it will apply to the investigations currently swirling the former POTUS.

For instance, Trump is not on the ballot himself, despite the fact that he is not the only one who views the midterms as a referendum on his policies and hand-picked candidates. But he is deeply involved in his own chosen candidates across the country.

So will the DoJ back off and hold back any public disclosures starting this week until after midterms? It's unclear, because there are so many questions about how much the rule apples and how strictly it should be followed. But the powers that be are considering it and taking notes.