Donald Trump Threatens World War III will Come If He’s Not Elected

Donald Trump’s opinion of himself is high, and a new Truth Social post shows just how high. Tensions with Russia

Donald Trump World War

Donald Trump’s opinion of himself is high, and a new Truth Social post shows just how high.

Tensions with Russia are at a fever pitch now, one year after they invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, and rumbles of nuclear war have been heard as Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about moving tactical nukes.

Trump has long boasted that he’s the only one who can prevent a disaster with Russia, and hinted that World War III is coming soon.

But now, the former POTUS says openly that World War III is coming if he isn’t elected to the Presidency in 2024.


Donald Trump Warns of World War III If He’s Not Elected

Donald Trump World War

Trump and Russia have long been linked, both by critics and supporters.

Critics claim that Russia helped get Trump elected in 2016, and evidence shows that they did attempt to influence the election in his favor. What evidence does not show, however, is proof that Trump knew or that his team worked with them in that effort.

Nonetheless, Trump has long praised Putin, and has been criticized for displaying what some slam as “submissive” behavior around the foreign dictator.

But Trump himself says he’s tough on Russia, and in a new Truth Social video he goes so far as to say that no one has ever been as tough on Russia as his administration.

Trump then goes on to ominously warn that World War III will happen if he doesn’t regain the presidency in 2024; “In 2024 I am the only candidate who can prevent World War III. I will prevent World War III, there’s nobody else that’s gonna do that.”

Trump also slammed the Biden administration for a “lack of sophistication,” saying, “this is not the time for an on-the-job training as we face the possibility of nuclear war. And our leaders got us there.”

Trump also accused Biden of recycling talking points, calling for a “statesman” to be in the White House – presumably, him.

But Trump was famously bad at making friends with foreign leaders, except those long considered by the US to be hostile dictators; namely Russian President Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

And it’s jarring for Trump to be talking about “on-the-job training” since he was arguably one of the least diplomatically-experienced Presidents ever elected to the office, and received exactly that kind of training in the midst of several international diplomacy crises.

The video is bizarre and out of touch, given the fact that many of the things he accused Biden of apply almost exclusively to Trump himself – but it’s an angle that’s working with many worried Americans who fear the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia.

Trump Gets a Reprieve from Indictment Fears – Almost

But there is at least one positive thing this week if you’re Donald Trump – a reprieve.

The grand jury investigating illegally paid hush money in New York is on hiatus. So the anticipated indictment won’t happen this week, as was expected.

The jury is entering a previously planned multi-week hiatus, so it could be mid-April before Trump’s peril in Manhattan goes back to a code red.

There are, however, other investigations still holding the former POTUS in the crosshairs.

In Fulton County, Georgia, criminal indictments over election interference could come at any time. The Fulton County DA, Fani Willis, has shown herself willing to wait and make sure every T is crossed and every I dotted, so it’s not clear what timeline she’s considering. And it’s also not clear whether or not Trump will be indicted as part of the charges handed out over the effort to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

But there’s also the investigation into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, and the Department of Justice investigating his role into the attempted insurrection on January 6, 2021.

So while Trump may be breathing a sigh of relief in the direction of New York for a few weeks, he’s far from out of the woods.