Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True

Yesterday was a bad day to be former President Donald Trump. Not only is he facing the likelihood of having

Donald Trump

Yesterday was a bad day to be former President Donald Trump.

Not only is he facing the likelihood of having to pay “significant monetary damages” to writer E Jean Carroll, who suited him for rape and defamation and won earlier this month – but news outlets have reported that special counsel Jack Smith is close to wrapping up his investigation into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents.

And then, the one thing Trump has been dreading for months came to fruition: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would be running for the GOP presidential nomination.

DeSantis is currently considered Trump’s only serious contender, and is the only one polling with any serious chance of taking the nomination from Trump.


The Florida governor has become known for his extremist views and culture war guerilla tactics, focusing on removing rights from marginalized group such as transgender individuals, women seeking abortions and those wishing to learn about Black history in America.

While that could make him unelectable in a general election, which Trump has reminded people of, it makes him very appealing to hardline conservates who tire of Trump’s populist braggadocio.

DeSantis made his bid official on Wednesday, and he’s using Trump’s own brand against him.

CNN reports, “Ron DeSantis’ decision to announce his 2024 White House bid in a conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter on Wednesday will make a typically blunt statement about his campaign, the unruly populism of the modern Republican Party and an accelerating conservative media revolution.

Florida’s governor will finally jump into the race by throwing down a gauntlet to ex-President Donald Trump with a launch strategy that frames him as the true anti-establishment rebel in the race who is willing to crush the conventions of traditional presidential politics.

His choice of venue on Twitter Spaces – the site’s audio platform – also exemplifies the Trump-era GOP’s transformation into a party that rewards gesture politics and whose activists respond to the unmoderated social media jungle while disdaining traditional standards of conduct and governance.”

But while it may work in the favor of modern GOP voters, it may hurt him in the long run.

After all, it’s not conservatives DeSantis has to woo – it’s Independents and moderate voters in both major parties.

And he has to show donors that he’s capable of wooing those voters, before they’ll get behind him. Right now, DeSantis faces a grim uphill battle because no donors are eager to throw their weight behind an unelectable extremist, which is how DeSantis has been governing over the past year.

But Trump’s increasing legal and civil peril may make him an even worse bet than DeSantis in a no-win primary season for Republicans.

They’ll eventually have to make a tough choice, because winning the Presidency is not about the best Republican candidate – it’s about the most electable candidate.

And right now, it’s hard to say whether that’s Trump or DeSantis.

Trump certainly seems to worry that people think DeSantis is more electable – and he’s been working overtime for months trying to tarnish the governor’s reputation and prove that he’s a better candidate than the Floridian.

However, there’s little daylight between what the two believe and their public perception by voters.

DeSantis officially running for the nomination is a nightmare for Trump who did not need yet another setback this week, in a week of serious setbacks.