Donald Trump’s Newest Rants Show He’s Worried About Something – But What?

Donald Trump has been in rare form on Truth Social ever since the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home last year.

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Donald Trump has been in rare form on Truth Social ever since the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home last year.

But the former POTUS seems to have escalated his furor over the past week, going into overdrive as he tackles his critics, enemies, and favorite foils.

The ramping up of Trump’s angry rhetoric usually suggests that he’s worried about something, and the most recent online frenzy is likely no exception to that rule.

So what is the former POTUS so worried about?


Donald Trump Seems Worried

Judging by Donald Trump’s Truth Social posts, the former President is very worried or upset about something.

But when reading Trump’s social media posts, what he doesn’t say is almost as important as what he does say.

Over the past 24 hours, the former POTUS has taken aim at some of his favorites: the Department of Justice, the Biden Administration, Ruby Freeman, the “Unselect Committee” (the House panel investigating January 6), Facebook, NATO and more.

It was a litany of anger that seemed to come from the depths of Trump’s most fervent campaign speeches.

But what prompted it?

Trump wrote on Truth Monday, “‘TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING’ One of most often used current phrases or statements. Wow, such a magnificent compliment. Thank you!”

He then took aim at Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman, writing, “Wow! Has anyone seen the Ruby Freeman “contradictions” of her sworn testimony? Now this is ‘BIG STUFF.’Look what was captured by Cobb County police body cameras on January 4, 2021. ‘And everything they are saying is false. Everything from the quote unquote SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO THE WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.THE FBI…REACHED OUT TO ME ONLY TO CLEAR MY SOCIAL MEDIA (evidence tampering?)…COUNT WAS LOW, IT WAS REALLY LOW.’ Now it gets really bad,TRUTH 2”

Trump added, “Ruby Freeman, page 2: ‘BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up…so that’s how the number was CREATED, by the ballots going through the scanner…I do want an attorney. IT’S ALL A FRAUD. EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING IS FALSE. FROM THE SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.’ They got Ruby 7 top D.C. lawyers and protection from the FBI (Again?). WHY? She then ‘changed’ her statements – LIED? TROUBLE FOR RUBY!!!”

Peppered in were complaints about the southern border, and giving money to China.

But what Trump hasn’t touched on in awhile is his growing legal peril.

Trump is facing an investigation over mishandling of top secret documents, his potential culpability for the January 6 insurrection, lawsuits over business practices and more.

While Trump was quick to portray himself as the hero America needs, what he didn’t do was talk about the ongoing cases.

For most people, that would be standard procedure. After all, you don’t give the “other side” fuel during ongoing legislation. But Trump isn’t one for legal norms, so he frequently shoots from the hip when it comes to open litigation.

The fact that he’s trying so hard to focus people’s attention on everything but his own personal woes suggest he’s starting to feel the pressure and there may be more happening behind the scenes than the public is aware of.

Trump’s posting frenzies are often accompanied by big news – so Trump could be aware that something big is coming.

Or he could simply be reacting to the embarrassment of having his taxes displayed for all to see, after the House Ways and Means Committee released his 2015-2020 returns to the public.

Republicans Have the House, but Will it Benefit Donald Trump?

Trump’s anxiety may also center on what’s happening in Washington that isn’t directly related to him.

This year, the Republicans have a slim majority in the House, which gives them a chance to launch a number of long-promised investigations if they choose to.

At one time, a Republican majority would have been a windfall for the former POTUS and could have spelled opportunities galore.

But that requires people to be taking his calls and showing interest in his beefs, and it’s not clear that Republicans as a party will do that.

Trump’s uncertainty around Republican support marks a major deviation from 2016 through 2020. At the height of his power, all Trump had to do was snap his fingers to have powerful Senators, Representatives and state legislators jumping to his defense.

Now, however, Trump is facing a sea of crickets.

No one of consequence has endorsed him for 2024, despite the fact that he was the first major GOP candidate to announce plans to run.

And many mega-donors have suggested that it’s time for new blood and they won’t get in line behind the former POTUS.

So Trump is facing a crisis of fair weather friendship, and it’s time for him to face the question as to whether or not he will have support when it comes time to ask for favors.

This could also be the year when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s star eclipses Trump’s.

That would be enough to fuel anyone’s anxiety.