Dorica Introduces Two New Sensato Design Pieces by Sebastian Angeles

If you’re looking for unique, ergonomic furniture that blends earthy materials with out-of-this-world design, look no further than Dórica. The

Dorica Sensato Sebastian Angeles

If you’re looking for unique, ergonomic furniture that blends earthy materials with out-of-this-world design, look no further than Dórica. The Mexican furniture brand creates breathtaking pieces that borrow their shape and flow from nature, but with the unmistakable hand of human craftsmanship in the creation. Now, Dórica is publishing two new stunning pieces for its 2018 Sensato line, and CELEB is taking a closer look. 

The Balance Chair

Dorica Sensato Sebastian Angeles

The first piece to discuss is titled the Balance Chair. The Balance Chair is a blend of the simple and practical, but beautiful enough to display in any fine home. Available in three different wood finishes, this piece will slide beautifully under a dining room table or sit boldly by a table for a comfortable place to sit and read. Arms curve naturally up from the legs to merge with the back. With clean lines, a delicately curving seat, and a strong back to offer comfort to its beauty, the Balance Chair is the perfect piece for any collection. It retails for only $13,142.85. 

The Sensato Table

Dorica Sensato Sebastian Angeles

The other design to take note of is the Sensato or, “sensible,” Table. With an artistic meeting between a soft, flowing natural wood and the stark strength of a marble top, the Sensato Table will be the envy of any guests. Designed to fit perfectly with the Balance Chair, the Sensato Table has legs that are somehow both delicate-looking and sturdy, with the piece flowing sinuously from wood to marble. The table is sold in a number of wood and marble combinations, to fit any decor. Retail for this piece starts at $60,752.50. 

The Mind Behind the Line

Dorica Sensato Sebastian Angeles

When you see a Dórica piece, you probably wonder who the mind is behind the brilliant blend of nature and intentional form. His name is Sebastian Angeles, and its his mind that brings these pieces of art to life. The brand’s website shares, “Sebastián Angeles, Mexican Industrial Designer graduated from the Universidad Anáhuac México, currently serves as Creative Director and Designer of Dorica (Mexican Furniture Firm), but has collaborated with important brands and companies. His professional development began prematurely, so his career seems advanced for his age. Sebastián is currently the youngest designer to collaborate with Breuer (Trasiego 2020) and the Mexican brand Pirwi, (Colección Desierto, Nominated for the Icons of Design Award 2019 by Architectural Digest) and is pointed out as a promise of design by media such as Excelsior, Archdaily and Reforma.

His work as a designer has taken the brand to national and international exhibitions such as Designweek Mexico, AMD and Wanted Design in New York. Sebastián is part of Mass Colectivo (creative union dedicated to experimentation), which has exhibited his work at the Tamayo Museum and at Ventura Futura in Milan. In his stage as a student Sebastian, he was part of different calls, reaching the podiums of the most important competitions in the country. Dimueble 2016, Dimueble 2017, A! Design, Ahec Design Awards among others. Sebastian’s design philosophy is very clear, and his products are characterized by having a solid conceptual foundation.”

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted into being, following Angeles’ careful designs. Angeles says of his creative process, “By working I get inspired by the everyday aspects of life, I like to land concepts and pay homage to what attracts me. The forms of the objects I take from the exercise of gestural drawing and the materials and textures are born with the relationship that the form has with the sensations that are intended to communicate.”

Dórica’s Extensive Lineup

Dorica Sensato Sebastian Angeles

The Dórica brand goes beyond the Sensato collection. Here are a number of other exceptionally noteworthy pieces and collections in an extraordinarily creative brand:

  • The Pentagram Collection: This collection is both whimsical and heartfelt, with each piece of furniture designed to fit in silhouette against musical bars to create a beautiful song. The pieces will write a song in your heart themselves, with unexpected structures and soothing blue cloths mixed with wood and metal.
  • The Boreal Collection: These flowing, all-wood pieces are clearly sisters to the Sensato Collection. With a nod to the same flowing backs and curved seats, the Boreal pieces look as though they’ve been magically formed from wood instead of carved. 

Dórica also offers a C03 collection, a mixture of wood and metal with sustainability in mind. The entire brand is filled with pieces that evoke the majesty of nature with the limitless potential of sustainable art. Each piece is art unto itself, and can take an otherwise standard living space and make it a conversation piece. Visit Dórica’s website to look at the entire range of offerings.