Drake’s Brand Crusade Continues with ‘Love You Forever’ NOCTA AF1s

Never before has a shoe brought on such nostalgia. Drake’s new Air Force 1s features a touching addition: an outsole


Never before has a shoe brought on such nostalgia. Drake’s new Air Force 1s features a touching addition: an outsole with miniature hearts, inspired by his favorite book “I Love You Forever.”


I Love You Forever

“I Love You Forever” was written by renowned children’s author Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. The story follows a mother and son and their journeys through life, as they grow older and care for each other. Given Drake’s reputation of his smooth ways with the ladies — and a certain song lyric about only loving his bed and his momma, sorry — the choice in literature is fitting for the footwear.

The shoes themselves are nondescript, sold in the classic bright white with the notable exception of the hearts replacing the signature stars on the outer areas. Previously named “Certified Lover Boy” to coincide with his 2021 album drop, the product line saw a revamp to include updated detail work on its timeless design. Three north stars are engraved on the back heel tab of the left shoe. 

Each pair of “Love You Forever” AF1 shoes comes with a copy of Drake’s favorite read, to complement the subtle details embedded in the shoes themselves.

Air Force Ones

AF1’s redefine show luxury with every laced-up step. Over 40 years of dependable style define the brand’s legacy, with minimal evolutionary tweaks in the designs. Named after the President’s plane, this immortal sneaker is the working standard for comfort and inclusivity.

Nike’s previous musician features include the likes of rapper Travis Scott, singer Billie Eilish and DJ Clark Kent, along with athletes Lebron James and Serena Williams. 

Drake’s Brand History

Drake has made his mark on the fashion industry with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. As a musical magnate and former TV star, his seasoned experience and reputation make him one of the most widely recognized public figures across several industries. All ventures are made possible through DreamCrew, which functions as both a management company and an entertainment group co-founded by Drake and Future in 2017.

NOCTA: Drake’s sub-label NOCTA marks a rare collaboration with Nike.The athletic apparel company’s usual partner demographic falls in line with star athletes and public figures, but the musician broke ground with this creative endeavor. Other shoes in the collections include Hot Step sneakers in champagne and violet.

October’s Very Own (OVO): OVO is a Toronto-based company owned by Drake. Comfort fits are the brand’s leading products, with recognizable graphic work from Looney Tunes™ and Disney, alongside Timberland, NBA, and more.

Better World Fragrance House: Drake continues his impressionist consumer ways. By partnering with leading experts in flavors at cosmetics manufacturer Givaudan, he created five bespoke scents that stem from memories.

Luna Luna: While not a brand per se, Drake’s work in reviving the “carnival of the avant-garde” is a pending legend waiting to take off. Luna Luna is a classic art carnival with an elusive past, its production ending almost as soon as it began. With Drake’s pledge, the artifacts are being recovered for a redemption event that promises historical impact.

Euphoria, Top Boy, Chillin Island and more: Returning to his roots as a TV figure has proved lucrative for Drake, as he fulfills the executive producer role for a number of shows. Dark teen thriller “Euphoria” is one of the latest in the lineup, as a wildly popular series that spearheaded an aesthetic movement in fashion and on social media. “Top Boy” 

What’s Next for Champagne Papi?

When he’s not cruising in his new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Drake is most likely celebrating the release of “Her Loss,” his collaborative album with 21 Savage that dropped in November 2022.