Drew Brees is the Victim of Stupidity, Not a Lightning Strike

If you visited Twitter last night, you may have seen Drew Brees’ name trending. Many people were wishing the former

Drew Brees

If you visited Twitter last night, you may have seen Drew Brees’ name trending. Many people were wishing the former football star a speedy recover, others saying RIP.

And it was all because of a video that showed Brees getting struck by lightning.

But never fear. Brees is neither dead nor flambeau’d – he’s just fine.

Brees was indeed the victim of a lightning strike. But the kind that hits you when you have a stupid idea, not the kind that comes from the sky.

Here’s the deal with #LightningGate.


‘Drew Brees Struck by Lightning While Filming a Commercial’ – JUST KIDDING

A video hit social media on Thursday that showed what appeared to be Brees being prepped for a commercial.

A “behind the scenes” style video showed the monitor focused on Brees, hair and makeup finishing up the last touches, and then a pan across a dark and ominous sky that rumbled with lightning behind the former footballer.

Then – tragedy (apparently).

Lightning appeared to strike Brees directly, and the camera fell sideways away from the star.

Fans immediately reacted.

Many reacted with horror, tweeting their concern for the popular former quarterback.

Others were more skeptical.

But Twitter immediately did what Twitter does best, and started memeing the situation.

Some ran with the joke, showing Brees owning the lightning as they taunted Tom Brady.

Others posted jokes about lightning striking twice, and made other pop culture references.

One user even made a dubious reference to the infamous image from history where an advisor informed former President George W. Bush that a second plane had struck the Twin Towers in NYC on September 11, 2001.

Fans didn’t seem quite sure whether they should laugh, cry, or prepare to mourn.

Drew Brees Responds to Lightning Strike Furor

But Brees himself put the rumor to rest.

After letting fans stew for awhile, he responded, “The lightning must’ve thought I was wearing a Falcons jersey, that’s why it tried to get me 😂 I’m fine…” and added the signature New Orleans Saints’ cry, “Who Dat!”

While Brees seemed to find the whole stunt hilarious, others were less amused.

After all, in August of 2022, three people were killed by lightning strikes near the White House.

But whatever you think of the “joke,” it seems to have done exactly what Brees hoped and stirred up some conversation.

It was all cooked up by sports betting book company PointsBet USA who is now under fire for the questionable stunt.