Driving Instead of Flying During these Unknown Times Might not be a Bad Idea

The year 2020 has left us with thousands of canceled flights and unique travel dilemmas. With travel restrictions still in


The year 2020 has left us with thousands of canceled flights and unique travel dilemmas. With travel restrictions still in place and a lingering question of safety, traveling by plane come back to its former state of unconventional and unrealistic for the present times. The world is changing and new ideas and ways to achieve what we need as humans have thrived more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic opening our eyes to deeper experiences and a slower-paced life that we can all agree was much needed. As the world shapes back to its “normal” state some of the new ideas and norms may be here to stay such as how we experience travel and our mindset towards sticking to the good old-fashioned way of travel, driving.

Why Drive Over Flying?


It’s all about the resources when it comes to finding the best way to travel, the best routes, and what to know before you embark on a trip. Zutobi has reported the answers to all your traveling questions and it may be worth your attention. In 2017 more than 4.18 million miles of road in the USA were documented.

The endless amount of places and roads to cover within the 50 states is truly incredible resulting in some of the most unbelievable road trip routes that travelers could never see by plane. Buckle and take note, the next few minutes will walk you through a world of possibilities and places while you define what type of traveler you are.

The USA’s Best Road Trips

Big Sur

We all know the photos that leave us in disbelief, the stories that are told throughout generation and the classic food raved about on Food Network. It’s time to grab the keys and a good old fashioned map and head towards the worlds most Iconic road trip destinations in the USA.

  1. Big Sur – Iconic doesn’t begin to describe Route 1 located in California. Named Thee most iconic and famous location to road trip, Big Sur California  has over 7, 455, 000 searches from people el all over the world and continues to remain in the top spot for best trips. Big Sur isn’t t just a trip, it’s an experience that you never have to leave your car for. Coastal highways never looked so beautiful along with 2,369 miles of famous landmarks and as seen on tv bar and restaurants in atmospheres that simply cannot be replicated.
  2. Route 66 – Whether you live under a rock or completely immersed in the world as we know it, Route 66 is a place that rings all our ears at the sound of it. With 6,400,000 searched mostly known for being the stretch of road that holds more landmarks than we can count, Route 66 may not be defined as a glamours vacation but man is it cool. Back in the days, Route 66 was the main route of transportation in the USA. Since then the stretch of road from California to Chicago has been living quieter days. The most unique thing about route 66 is not much has changed. The chance to experience something as it was almost 100 years ago is something that doesn’t come along often.
  3. Blue Ridge Park Way – From Virginia To North Carolina, this 470 mile stretch of country side stops and sites is just the trip for a laid back sense of travel. Ranking third to route 66 in terms of interest, the specular drive (best in the fall) is surely something as it comes close to the second ranking road trip with 1,574,000 searches for its incredible reflection of all four seasons and breeze of a drive. Blue Ridge park way truly fits for the traveler  interested  in nature and historical pit stops along with some good old southern dishes.

Safety, Stats and Side Notes

Driving may be a way to cut costs and risk in relation to COVID-19 however safety is an important aspect of your decision to road trip around the USA. For starters Zutobi has come up with ranking and stats on the safest and most dangerous roads around the world. To our surprise  the USA ranks third in the most dangerous countries to drive in followed by Thailand  as second and South Africa as the most dangerous country to drive in. The USA surely offers three of the most popular road trips but in terms of diving safety, Norway, Japan and Sweden have been ranked the safest countries for road trip driving. Factoring in Road traffic deaths, speed limits, road traffic deaths attributed with alcohol, seat belt wearing rate and BAC limit for drivers, the accuracy and detail gone into these rankings is drawn from all factors of driving. These reports can directly be found specifically for the country you’ve chosen for you road trip destination.

Distracted driving is a crucial subject for safe driving. What causes distracted driving other than the obvious under the influence factors and or use of cell phones? Reporting over 427, 1000 deaths and injuries from distracted driving, and 2,895 fatel crashes from cell phone use we urge your road trip to be cautious and focused as driving without enough sleep, energy or a present state of mind can be a danger. Proven and researched statistics state that male drivers should be more aware of their  surrounding as males rank 10% above women who cause accidents. The age range that cause the most accidents does hurt to be aware of either at 25-35 years of age are well above individuals of lower and higher ages. Why exactly these statistics are the case is due to many years of research and experiments but never the less important to have and be aware of as you embark on a long journey. tend to be  There is nothing better than road tripping besides road tripping safely and with the most recent driving reports, we hope to keep you informed and ready to make safe travel choices.

Don’t Leave Without These Four Items


Don’t forget to add a few extra things to your suitcases as tools of precaution  and safety. These extra items could save your life and take up little to no space.

  1. Lighter or Matches – Don’t leave behind something that could possibly  save your life. In the case of a broken down vehicle or need for help. Heat or a bright light can be created with the smallest tool. A fire for heat and food or a signally device, add this to your check list.
  2. Water and Food – It’s always important to have food on hand so hunger doesn’t ever become an issue on a long trip with stretches of empty land and unknown location.
  3. Spare Tire and Jack – You never know what a troubles a trip may throw at you. It’s best to prepare and have a back up tire and way to replace the tire when traveling in unknown areas.
  4. Cash and Multiple Forms of ID – Travelers are among some of the biggest targets for people in the business of stealing. Store a separate stash of cash and perhaps a school or work ID in case of an unfortunate event of a wallet or car being stolen. You can never be too careful when driving cross  country.