Dylan Sprouse Is Heading Back To TV For First Time In 10 Years — What We Know About His New Show

He’s back and better than ever! Yep, it’s been almost 10 years since he graced our screens, but Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

He’s back and better than ever! Yep, it’s been almost 10 years since he graced our screens, but Dylan Sprouse just announced that he’s headed back to TV! The actor is gearing up to star in a brand new HBO show called The Sex Lives of College Girls, and we’ve got all the exciting details for you.

“Been a while since I’ve done a series… Roughly 10 years. But it’s because I was hoping for a good one, and this seems like a great one. Happy to be onboard alongside a great cast and crew. Thankful today,” the former Disney star shared on Instagram on Wednesday, December 16.


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But wait, what is the new show going to be about? Who else is starring in it? Who is Sprouse going to play? And what else has he been up to since his Disney days? Not to worry, you guys, because we broke it all down for you. Here’s what you need to know…

What Is The New Show About?

According to Variety, Mindy Kaling is behind The Sex Lives of College Girls, “which revolves around four roommates at Essex College, a prestigious New England university.” Sprouse will reportedly play a guy named Nico, who is “a junior at Essex and interacts with the four roommates in question.”

Who Else Is Starring In ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Get this — Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp and Alyah Chanelle Scott are all also starring in the upcoming series! Wow, talk about a dream team. Chalamet will play Kimberly, “the valedictorian of a working-class public high school in a humble Arizona suburb.” While Kaur will portray Bela, “a comedy-obsessed, super confident cornball from the affluent suburbs of northern New Jersey.” As for Rapp, she is set to star as Leighton, “who would describe herself as a normal, classy girl from a great family.” And finally, Scott was cast as Whitney, “the soon-to-be star of the Essex soccer team.”

What Else Has Dylan Sprouse Been Up To Since ‘Suite Life?’

As fans know, this is Sprouse’s first TV role since he 2011, when he played Zack Martin in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody spinoff show, The Suite Life on Deck. So what has he been up to over the last decade, you ask? Well, after the Disney Channel show came to an end, he took some time off to focus on his education, and he ended up graduating from NYU in 2015. He landed a few movie roles after that, including Banana Split, Dismissed and After We Collided — the sequel to the Harry Styles-inspired movie, After. But that’s not all! The 28-year-old also opened his own business, All-Wise Meadery. As for his love life, he’s been dating model Barbara Palvin for a while now, and they couldn’t be cuter together.

What About His Brother, Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse

What has his twin brother and Suite Life costar, Cole Sprouse, been up to since the show ended, you ask? He too graduated from college, and then, he most famously landed the role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale! Plus, he starred in the movie Five Feet Apart, and was recently cast in the upcoming flick Undercover. He also recently launched his own podcast, so it’s clear that he definitely hasn’t slowed down.

Dylan Sprouse Isn’t Ready For A ‘Suite Life’ Reboot

Sorry, you guys, but when iHollywood TV asked the star if he had any plans to reprise his role for a Suite Life reboot, he said, “Confidently, no.”

“I don’t think that we will [bring the show back],” Sprouse added. “There’s a lot of different reasons, but primarily because that was a chapter of both of our separate lives or together life that was just a role at the time. A lot of times you see these reboots happening and it’s kind of fan-service. I also just think that usually, they’re not as good and part of the nostalgia is gone. I think the show remains special in a lot of people’s hearts and that’s how we’re going to leave it.”

But he has nothing but love for the series. In fact, when it celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier this year, Sprouse took to Instagram to gush over it, and he even admitted that it saved his life!

“Yesterday marked the 15 year anniversary of when Suite Life first premiered on TV. It was so long ago that the cold open of the pilot episode was Cole searching for non existent armpit hair on me. We were both around 11 years old when we started filming. A lot had happened in our lives that was difficult then and this show, in a way, saved us,” he wrote in a now-deleted post. “1000 years of gratitude to all involved. I love you all and I’m glad this show can still give families the nostalgia they once had when watching it. I’ll keep those memories forever.”

Things Didn’t End Well Between The Sprouse Twins And Disney

It turns out, things didn’t end on the best note between the Sprouse Twins and Disney. Yep, after the third season of Suite Life on Deck came to an end, the actors actually wanted the show to continue, and they had some pretty epic ideas for the fourth season. But when they brought them to Disney and got totally shut down, they weren’t happy about it. Especially since Disney allegedly pitched the same idea to them weeks later.

“They pitched us our idea, in Miami, with Selena Gomez. And Cole and I turned to each other… we basically laughed in their face and walked out,” Dylan once said. “That was the last meeting we had with Disney. We were just like no, that was the end.”

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