Experience Commerce Platform EASOL Provides Futuristic Solutions to Modern Problems

The modern world has created a bevy of problems that tech companies are scrambling to solve. Now, one of the


The modern world has created a bevy of problems that tech companies are scrambling to solve. Now, one of the biggest industries in the world is the so-called Experience Commerce, where people are selling more than just hotel rooms or vacations, they’re selling experiences. A first-of-its-kind platform named Easol has risen to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs forging a path in this modern industry. Easol provides businesses and those selling experiences the tools they need to meet their market where it is, and successfully build from the ground up. 

Easol is the First of Its Kind


Easol was founded in 2017 by Ben and Lisa Simpson. The husband and wife duo had been growing their own experience businesses, including Rise – a festival held against the stunning backdrop of the French Alps. As they built their business, Ben and Lisa found themselves frustrated by the lack of tools and resources available to their unique needs as experience business owners. In an interview with Notion, owner Ben spoke about their platform and its unique niche problem-solving; “Ben chimed in ‘our mission is to make Easol an experience commerce platform that puts the technology, ownership and possibilities in the hands of 1000s of experience creators who deliver billions of special moments to millions of people’. He then cut through with ‘we are the only people delivering software for key moments, not things. The lives of our customers and their millions of their guests is what matters. That’s our moat.’”

What Easol does is gathers together everything experience commerce business owners need on one platform – SEO optimization, an online storefront, guidance, support, an easy way to handle inter-country money exchange, recommendations, and more. Whether you’re looking to rent or sell paddleboards or a cabin in the Rockies with a donkey ride to the location, Easol helps lay out a path for you to create your business, market and grow it, and manage your interactions with customers.

After Much Data Gathering, Easol Has Some Fascinating Insights to Share

Easol is also providing more than just a plug-information-and-play platform for entrepreneurs, it’s connecting business owners with data that will help drive their best decision making processes. 

Easol launched a, “Better Days Are Coming,” research project that aimed to find what people are thinking and feeling about experience commerce these days in the shaky post-COVID world. 3,000 consumers were surveyed across North America and Europe, and the findings were released to Easol customers and others to help drive business growth. While helping to form a picture of what travel will look like in 2021 and in the future, the data was added to case studies and interviews from Easol’s community of experience creators and industry experts from the worlds of wellness, festivals, surf and sports, including global wellness platform Wanderlust, Transformational Travel Council, festival organizers Mustard Media and many more.

The surprising and positive findings include key points of data:

  • “85% of travelers would choose to go on an experience holiday if they could take only one trip in 2021.
  • 86% of travelers are planning to go on an experience holiday in 2022.
  • 77.4% of travelers would feel comfortable in a group holiday with people from outside their household.
  • 59% of people would prefer groups of up to 10 people.
  • 81% of North American travelers would consider sharing a room with another participant.

70% of European solo travelers would consider sharing a room with another participant

75% of creators feel optimistic about their experience business in 2021. Before the pandemic, 40% of people took three to five trips a year. As many as 33% of us now plan to spend more on travel in 2021 than in previous years.

The report also highlights case studies from experience creators such as Envision Festival as a way of highlighting how the sector has been adapting and thriving despite the pandemic. The wellness and surf festival set in Costa Rica has already recorded an impressive triple digit growth in ticket sales for their 2022 event.”

What does that mean? It means the pandemic hasn’t put people off traveling and their future habits will likely look similar to their past habits – but they may be more eager to travel than ever before. This makes the market ripe and ready for experience commerce businesses to meet the people. 

So How Does a Business Do Business with Easol? 


Easol offers three different price packages, one for every type of budget. The Kickstart package is only $7 a month and is designed to help businesses get up and running. A mid-level Stride package runs $65 a month and is perfect for the business ready to take the leap from small to big. The biggest package – Plus – runs $249 a month and is designed to help big and busy businesses  get ahead. 

To get started with Easol, all you need is a solid business model and something to sell. You could be building the next big music festival, yoga retreats, surf classes, or renting paddleboard tours in Hawaii, and Easol will have the tools you need to build and grow your business. With a keen understanding for what the market is doing and where people want to spend their time and money, the platform is perfect for people who want to focus on the heart of their business and leave the tedious details in the hands of people more experienced.

Per Daily Finance, co-owner Ben is excited about what his business can do, and what other people’s business can do: “It is an unprecedented time for experience creators who have seen huge challenges, but as we emerge from lockdown, this new-era holds enormous opportunity for experience businesses. We are only on the cusp of what is the greatest demand we have ever seen to travel and have these ‘kinetic’, ‘in real life’ experiences we have been craving for what feels like a lifetime! Experience creators have never had to be so agile and adapt for their businesses to survive and we hope this report provides some hope and useful insights to anyone operating in the experience economy and we look forward to sharing more insights and positive stories in the near future.”