EDITION Hotels Partner with Artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Time for Love

The holidays are near and EDITION Hotels is celebrating with their 2021 festive tree installation, Time with Love. This year,


The holidays are near and EDITION Hotels is celebrating with their 2021 festive tree installation, Time with Love. This year, the international hospitality brand is partnering with artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian for the tree installations. Hovnanian’s work will appear across EDITION’s four US properties, with two in New York, one in Florida, and one in California. CELEB takes a look at the magic that EDITION’s world class brand and Hovnanian’s creative brilliance can make together. 

Time for Love

Hovnanian’s contribution to EDITION’s tree installations is focused on helping people re-center with their authentic selves after nearly two years of living online and isolated. The trees will be topped with Hovnanian’s neon TIME FOR LOVE art pieces, standing a symbol for rebirth of life, love, and friendship post-pandemic.

In a statement, the EDITION team and Hovnanian explain the soul behind their partnership, “Throughout the course of the pandemic, both Hovnanian and EDITION recognize that we have come face to face with the imperfection inherent in our own humanity, but in the absence of in-person interaction, many of us have learned that we prefer it over the lack thereof. While we had to self-isolate, our phones became our main point of connection with one another. This dependency on digital connection continues to reveal its gravitas in our own lives.

‘The acronym neons speak to the self-alienation that widespread use of digital technology often perpetuates. The neons speak to a societal compulsion – to always be projecting the purified version of your life online. My work advocates for a stronger connection to our truer selves and stories in the midst of countless forces that pressure us to present only idealized, curated versions of ourselves. Each EDITION property has its own way to share this message. Perhaps it is time we Zoom in to the person next to us this holiday season – it is after all THE TIME FOR LOVE’ shares Hovnanian.”

The installation pieces hope to inspire people to think outside of their phones and reflect on our relationship and intimacy with technology. Each tree will be topped with Hovnanian’s signature neon piece, as part of her Acronym Neon series. Proceeds from the tree will go towards Project Healthy Minds. 

Project Healthy Minds is a Millenial-driven mental health non-profit that was created to answer the lack of access to affordable mental health care. The non-profit looks to connect people with the care they need and confront the yawning gap between mental health care needs and mental health care services.

Rachel Lee Hovnanian

Rachel Lee Hovnanian

Hovnanian is a Miami-based artist who works in a multi-disciplinary variety of mediums, exploring the complexities of modern feminism, cultural ideas surrounding physical perfection, and the psychological effects of new media and technology. Hovnanian works in photography, video, sculpture, painting, and installation. 

Hovnanian’s art dives into concepts exploring the social codes surrounding femininity and gender relations in the South, where she was raised, and further explores broader value systems and the means we use to create our public images and selves. The Miami-based artist has pieces around the world including in the Multimedia Art Museum, the Moscow Collection, the collections of the Royal Family of Dubai, the Mallin Collection, the collection of Lily Safra, the collection of Darren Walker, the corporate collections of AT&T, Dior, Graff Diamonds, TD Bank, and the 21c Museum Hotels Collection.

EDITION Hotels in the US

Edition Hotels

There are four EDITION hotels in the US, and they’re all well worth staying at. The EDITION brand stretches across the globe, with 12 unique destinations that include a, “collection of individualized, customized, one-of-a-kind hotels which redefine the codes of traditional luxury.” The brand recently announced that they would be adding 8 exciting new properties, across three continents. Each EDITION hotel embraces the city and country it’s in, giving visitors a brand standard across all properties but with each destination being entirely unique and representative of its home city.

The United States boasts four EDITIONS:

  • West Hollywood: This destination is situated on West Sunset Boulevard and North Doheny Drive, where West Hollywood meets Beverly Hills. This location boasts 190 rooms, with over 6,500 square feet of meeting space and 20 luxury residences. The hotel’s design gives a nod to the golden era of Hollywood while embracing a cool, classy, modern vibe. 
  • Times Square: At the heart of New York City, this EDITION gives visitors a taste of New York City with all the signature luxury of the brand. With 452 guest rooms, 26 suites with outdoor terraces, and a penthouse, this East Coast locale is significantly larger than its laid-back West Coast sister location. The decor boasts whitewashed oak finishings, curated art collections by Trunk Archives of Andy Warhol Factory, and a breathtaking view over Times Square. It’s got all the flash and pizazz of New York City itself, while being an oasis from the bustle of the city. It’s modern, sleek, and full of amenities. 
  • New York: This EDITION sits in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District, embracing the outer borough feel of New York. The sophisticated and elegant location offers 271 guest accommodations, plus its signature restaurant The Clocktower. The decor is designed to make guests feel like they’ve been welcomed into their own private home for the duration of their stay, with thoughtfully chosen artwork and design that gives the private living feel a classy upgrade. Situated on Madison Square Park and located in the NoMad neighborhood, within walking distance of Union Square, the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho and Tribeca, the New York EDITION is at the heart of a vibrant city with so much to offer. 
  • Miami Beach: If your heart is set on Miami, EDITION’s got a place for you. Located in the Mid-Beach area – between South Beach and North Shore – the Miami Beach EDITION offers an, “elegantly designed, intricately interlinked complex of structures, spaces, and settings that together offer a new kind of resort environment.” With all the classic touches of a Miami Beach vibe with the upgrades of EDITION brand luxury, you’ll find this the perfect oasis for your nightlife adventures. Like the other EDITION hotels, Miami Beach blends modern, elegant, timeless, and unique, welcoming guests to their own private getaway. 

If you’ve been considering an EDITION vacation, there’s no better time than now. With Hovnanian’s deeply-inspiring and thought-provoking pieces soon to be topping the festive additions to the EDITIONs, now is the time to plan and book your stay.