One New Name Has Been Added To EDM’s Most Wanted List And It’s DJ HUNTR

Although it might seem fairly new with the rise in festival goers, Electric Dance Music (EDM) has been around since

Although it might seem fairly new with the rise in festival goers, Electric Dance Music (EDM) has been around since the 1970s. The developing genre is often welcoming new artists to share their sound with the world. One man specifically, DJ HUNTR, has been taking over the scene in California and CELEB had the pleasure of talking with him personally about his music and inspirations.

EDM’s Most Wanted

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Hunter Thomas was born and raised in Orange County California. The 23-year-old DJ graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and has since continued into a Master’s program for entrepreneurship as well. And, as for his music career well, that kickstarted when he was just 17. Prior to falling in love with the art of producing, HUNTR became infatuated with EDM music at the age of 12 when he heard Skrillex for the first time. Years later when he took to the art of the craft he extended his skills beyond producing and the rest is history.

“Me and my buddy, when we were 17 years old. We sold tickets for a show in Santa Ana. We sold like 90 tickets to all of our friends. And, we had thrown our first show. It turned out to be a huge success for all of our high school friends, [it was] tons of fun. We loved it, so we continued doing it and, later that year we opened up for Post Malone over at one of the nightclubs in Costa Mesa,” shared HUNTR. Adding in, “Ever since then, I got the bug and I just kept running with it.”

Since continuing their journey into EDM, the California native and his friend have taken separate paths however, HUNTR shared that they “still go to the studio all of the time together.”

Get Into The Groove

“I love playing the shows the most. That’s what keeps me going.”

Hunter Thomas gets inspired by his audience. The energy and reactions from the crowd as he shifts from track to track are the fire that ignites his motivation to create and perform as much as he does.

“Fun energetic house music” is how HUNTR describes the environment he creates with his sound. “Progressive house, the stuff that you hear from Martin Garix and Zedd, those types of guys is the type of vibe I’m trying to bring. Like, create that emotion.” The young artist is heavily inspired by the work of Garix and Zedd, them being his dream collab one day in the future.

Coming Soon…

Instagram: huntrdj

So far HUNTR has only released EDM singles to hone in on his craft, find his sound, what his audience likes, and what he enjoys playing. “I have some stuff that I’m working on now that’s coming out relatively soon. It’s the best that I’ve done in a very long time. That’s the one I fell in love with that I’m going to start pushing the most,” HUNTR told CELEB about his new work coming. He continued, “this next one I’m releasing we have a lot of co-producers and co-writers who have worked with Avicii before, one of his older tracks, that’s helping me out with the mixing and mastering. And, some other guys who also worked with Tiesto making ‘The Business’ that are going to help me with the top lines and stuff. It’s going to be very fun to see how it plays out when it releases. I’m excited.”

HUNTR is climbing the ladder of EDM with no ceiling in sight. He’ll know he made it when he’s headlining Miami Ultra and you’ll know he made it when you’re standing front row for his vibrant and awe-inspiring performance.