Elon Musk Compares George Soros to Supervillain Magneto with Zero Sense of Irony

Last night, Twitter CEO (for now) Elon Musk made a number of attacks against investor and philanthropist, George Soros. Musk

George Soros Magneto Musk

Last night, Twitter CEO (for now) Elon Musk made a number of attacks against investor and philanthropist, George Soros.

Musk says Soros, a Jewish liberal who is often the target of antisemitic language and conspiracy theories, “hates humanity.”

Ever since Musk took over at Twitter, there has been a steady and marked rise in antisemitism and other hate speech, fueled in part by Musk’s goal of deregulating in favor of free speech. But also because the head honcho himself has engaged in borderline hate speech – emboldening followers to do the same.

It’s not entirely clear why Musk went on the offense against Soros last night, but the comments come just a few days after Soros’ investment fund announced that they had sold all their stock in Tesla, one of Musk’s other companies.


Shortly after the news broke about the investment fund ditching Tesla, Musk randomly tweeted into the ether, “Soros reminds me of Magneto.” Magneto being the Marvel Jewish supervillain in the X-Men comics who shapes many of his choices based on abuse he suffered during the Holocaust. Magneto is considered a layered character, whose friendship with protagonist Professor X reveals the thoughtful and caring side of the villain, whose goal is to replace humanity with mutants.

Liberal commentator Brian Krassenstein responded with a gentle reminder of Magneto’s past, “Fun fact: Magneto’s experiences during the Holocaust as a survivor shaped his perspective as well as his depth and empathy. Soro, also a Holocaust survivor, get’s attacked nonstop for his good intentions which some Americans think are bad merely because they disagree with this political affiliations.”

Musk responded curtly, “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.”

A baffled Krassenstein responded, “What basis do you have to make these claims? The Open Society Foundations has given away well over $30B to push to advance justice, education, public health and independent media. Some of these things are things you also support, rightfully so. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Soros. He’s certainly not perfect but to claim he ‘hates humanity’ baffles me.”

Musk never explained his thought process.

In the comments, multiple people called Musk out for antisemitism, some even promising to report the Twitter CEO’s comments. Many people asked him to clarify, curious if he has some inside information about why he would accuse Soros of wanting to “erode the very fabric of civilization.”

It’s a common theme of antisemitism that accuses Jewish people of trying to take over the world and have control over society. Musk’s promotion of such a harmful and dangerous trope has experts sounding the alarm and asking him to address his intentions.

But so far, Mum’s the word from Musk on what his intentions were.