‘Embarrassing’ Last Minute LSU Loss to FSU Turns Brian Kelly’s LSU Debut into a Flop

Well, that didn't do as planned. That's probably exactly what the LSU football team and new head coach Brian Kelly

'Embarrassing' Last Minute LSU Loss to FSU Turns Brian Kelly's LSU Debut into a Flop

Well, that didn't do as planned. That's probably exactly what the LSU football team and new head coach Brian Kelly were thinking after FSU roundly beat them in a surprising upset that ended with an embarrassing last-moment victory.

It should have been Kelly's triumphant debut as head coach of LSU, but let's just say that they'd probably rather call this one a dud and start next week for real.

Here's what happened and why LSU is pretending to look the other way while FSU revels in their upset victory.

Last-Minute Blocked Kick Turns LSU Defeat into Embarrassing Thrashing

It was a bizarre and edge-of-your-seat game that played out Sunday at LSU's home stadium in New Orleans. With coaching legend Brian Kelly bringing his talent to the team for the first on-season game, LSU were favored to win on their home turf.

But LSU looking off-balance and FSU continually making the right call behind the leadership of QB Jordan Travis turned it into a nail-biter which wrapped up in a PAT block that left viewers stunned.

LSU lined up beautifully for the extra point, sure victory was a single kick away. But FSU's freshman defensive back Shyheim Brown blocked the kick, and the crowd went wild.

ESPN reports, "With LSU fans celebrating an apparent two-touchdown comeback in the final 4:07 — and Florida State fans bracing for what could have gone down as an infamous implosion — Brown's block sent the Seminoles streaming triumphantly onto the field.

'I just had a big smile on my face and a couple of tears thinking about how much we have been through as a football team,' said Travis, who passed for 260 yards and two touchdowns. 'To end the game like that is really special. The game really shouldn’t have been that close from the jump. But a win is a win.'”

FSU took the day with 24-23 over LSU, leaving Kelly and the Louisiana players stunned, but ready to get back on the field next week and try again. FSU took the weekend to celebrate – and hope, with their first 2-0 season start since 2016.

Kelly said of the loss, "the reality is we've got some learning to do."

Is FSU Back?

Even though they're the SEC's favorite punching bags, Florida State University was once the best of the best in college football.

National Champs, cruising easily to victory beneath the steady hands of legendary head coach Bobby Bowden and behind the powerful arms of QBs like EJ Manuel, Chris Rix, Charlie Ward, Jameis Winston, Chris Weinke, Christian Ponder and more – they were the team to beat if you dreamed of the national title.

But then, a funny thing happened. In the late '00's and early teens; FSU football fell off the radar. They struggled to hold their place in the ACC, never mind national rankings. Flop season after flop season led 'Nole fans to despair, and led recruitment on a steady decline.

But this year could be different. Starting QB Jordan Travis looks to be on his game this year, and FSU's famed offensive line is looking sharp. Fans hope that this is a return to the team's glory days, but at this point they'd probably be happy with a season that's anything other than disappointing.

With the sound defeat of LSU and the reputation of Kelly, they're off to a great start with a 2-0 season and some serious momentum. Of course, a great season isn't made in quirky moments and lucky breaks, so if the boys want to bring it home this year they have to keep their heads down and grind. As Bobby Bowden would have said, "I am not happy with moral victories. Those things are forgotten." So FSU will need to keep racking up real victories – not just look good trying.