Eminem Opens New ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ in Detroit; Surprises Fans

If you’re looking for some delectable dishes in Detroit, you can now enjoy Eminem‘s own Mom’s Spaghetti. What started as


If you’re looking for some delectable dishes in Detroit, you can now enjoy Eminem‘s own Mom’s Spaghetti. What started as a pop-up has now become a hit brick and mortar restaurant, all from the ever-creative mind of singer/songwriter/rapper Marshall Mathers – aka, Eminem. This week, Mathers surprised guests by popping out of the drive thru at his new location and posing for pics. So what’s the hype about Mom’s Spaghetti? CELEB takes a look. Hopefully, no vomit will be involved. 

Mom’s Spaghetti Opens in Detroit

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So what is Mom’s Spaghetti? Of course, any Eminem fan recognizes the reference. From Eminem’s biopic movie 8 Mile arose a hit soundtrack, and a song called Lose Yourself. It’s about a young rap artist at his first battle, nervous about his first performance. Once things get rolling, of course, the rapper “loses himself” in the music and the nerves fade. One of the lines from the song is famously, “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”

It takes a bit of a creative genius to turn that single, famous, oft-quoted line into a restaurant. Billboard writes, “If you dig spaghetti — and let’s face it, who doesn’t — the Rap God’s joint has something for you. Its menu includes a round of spaghetti (for $9) spaghetti with balls (for $12) or vegan balls ($14), and spaghetti sandwiches ($11).”

And the rap star was there to surprise fans as the restaurant opened. 

Eminem Surprises Fans


Imagine rolling up to the drive-thru window of a restaurant founded by your favorite artist. You know they created it, but you expect to just get your order, gush over the menu on Instagram, and go on with your day. Then out pops Eminem. Talk about losing yourself in a completely different way.

Mathers tweeted earlier this week about the upcoming opening, but gave no hint as to what diners would find upon arrival. “Moms spaghetti it’s alllllll ready Detroit! Come thru Wednesday info on the site.” Definitely nothing in there about serving guests their meals through the window or chatting and stopping for photo ops, which is exactly what he did. Although Mathers always poses with his signature game face deadpan, his welcoming and friendly surprise to fans belies the softie underneath.

Mathers’ next role will be in the Starz show by 50 Cent, BMF. The rapper is playing “White Boy Rick.” 

The History of the Restaurant


How did we go from a lyric about vomit and a world of internet memes to a promising brick-and-mortar restaurant? It all started with pop-ups. Around 2017, Mathers began using the pop-ups to provide food to frontline workers, and they made appearances at Firefly and Coachella. 

Shady Records teamed up with Union Joints Restaurant Group, and a new permanent restaurant was born. 

So if you’re in Detroit, and you’re in the mood to vibe with some world-class spaghetti, you know where to go.