Erika Costell Shows Fans ‘Intimate and Authentic’ Glimpse Into her Wild Side with OnlyFans Launch

Today Erika Costell launched a new era in her career and joined the immensely popular OnlyFans platform. I spoke with

Erika Costell

Today Erika Costell launched a new era in her career and joined the immensely popular OnlyFans platform. I spoke with her and learned the exciting details of this new chapter for Costell, as well as what fans can expect from the experience. We also talked about what drew her to OnlyFans and the secret behind the inspiration for her hit single, “No Roof.” 

Costell Is Excited About the New Chapter

In a press release about the launch on OnlyFans, Costell’s excitement for this new chapter in her life shines through. It reads, in part, “Erika Costell’s ‘girl next door’ reputation on social media has allowed her fans worldwide to fall in love with her time and time again. However, there’s much more to her personality and little do they know how much more personal, unique and edgy this hometown sweetheart is. Erika is ready to shake things up and connect with fans on a deeper level with the launch of her OnlyFans account. Erika’s expansion to OnlyFans is to engage on a platform that’s judgement free, where fans can get to know a raw and authentic side of Erika, share behind the scenes footage, get sneak peeks of new music, dating life and more.”

When asked what convinced Costell to take the leap, she responded, “I think the biggest thing was that I spend a lot of time interacting with my younger and family type fans. For the longest time, my older audience has been asking me to see other various aspects of my life. And I’ve tried other platforms like texting with the fans, I’ve tried to branch out a little bit more on Instagram and YouTube. But obviously with things that would not offend. I don’t think ‘offend’ is the right word. But the rest of the audience didn’t really vibe with it.

So I’ve been looking for an outlet for a really long time to try to interact with that older audience who wants to see more of the party side; the real, the raw, and unfiltered side of me. I would almost call it my, ‘college,’ side. I feel like this OnlyFans platform is so non-judgmental and there are so many things on this platform now that weren’t there in the beginning. I’ve seen  business people doing seminars on here. I’ve seen just random content all over the board from porn to business. So I thought it was a really cool outlet to show that side of me to the people who are interested in it. And this way, I wouldn’t put it in anyone’s face who didn’t want to see it.”

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Erika Costell Influencer

Costell looks at this as an opportunity for fans to see behind-the-scenes. Regarding the fact that people don’t know how hard she works on a daily basis, Costell talks about giving her fans a glimpse into the day-to-day hard work she puts behind the success they think comes so easily. “My day to day life? My fans realistically have no idea what I do. And there are questions all the time asking why I’ve been inactive. It’s because I’m working every single day from morning until night, I am booked completely. Whether it’s with business meetings, filming something, or doing a photo shoot, I’m always working.

And I only show my fans the highlights and the final product. But I want to be able to show them the entire process and maybe show them what business ventures I work on. A lot of people don’t even know how involved I am in business and how many businesses I own. So I feel like just showing the entire thing from start to finish and not just highlighting that final product is what that’s about.”

Not Just a Model, Musician, and Influencer; Costell Is a Savvy Businesswoman

When asked about her businesses, Costell was eager to talk about the ones she could share; “Currently, I actually own a small, all-female music label with my business partner Britt Burton. And there’s a couple others I’m keeping close to the chest until I’m ready to announce that I’m working with them. But along with that, I have my overall business, Costell Enterprises, which is my social media company where I have my assistant, my editors, my database managers, my CEO, that kind of stuff.”

2021: The Year of Music

Erika Costell Music

Costell was also eager to tell fans what they can expect from her in the near future. 2020 and 2021, she said, are all about music. “I mentioned that a little bit today on the YouTube video that I posted, but I made the decision to pretty much focus my career on music from here on out. And with that, we already have a full plan, a brand new music team, and that is also something my audience doesn’t even really know about yet. So 2021 is the year of music. I’m also doing a revamp on my YouTube channel.”

The Tea: Who is ‘No Roof’ About?

While I had the chance, I had to ask Costell the question on everyone’s mind; is her hit single, “No Roof,” about any love interest in particular? Costell laughed lightly, responding, “So I’ve never actually answered this in press. No, it’s not about a specific person. A lot of my OnlyFans will focus on my dating life. That is one aspect fans have begged me to touch on, because there’s obviously that one public relationship I was in, but I’ve been otherwise very private about dating.”

While the media has translated this lack of info on her love life into, “she’s not dating anyone,” Costell says that’s untrue. “The online world, they think I’ve only had that one boyfriend. When in reality, I’ve been dating for the past two years. There’s a lot of tea and drama that I can go on about there. But, ‘No Roof,’ was more or less based around the feeling that I was feeling when I was completely single. And the way I felt was absolutely no pressure. Just a free feeling. But it was also about multiple different guys in general.”

“So, in my OnlyFans, I will talk about my dating life, and just some silly things. A friend of mine, a videographer, shared a video of me with this guy. It was supposed to be on her private Instagram, but it went semi-viral because I’ve never been seen with a guy. So, explanations of that will be on there.”

The Pandemic Changed the Course of Costell’s Career

Erika Costell Pandemic

Costell spoke about how life during the pandemic has changed the trajectory of her career. “Right before the pandemic, I was actually modeling in London, I was living there for a little bit. So, when the pandemic hit, I realized I’m really not going to be able to make it back to London anytime soon. I wondered where I should now shift my focus for my career. Because, for now, there’s no more fashion shows with the pandemic. There’s no more big photo shoots, and no more sets. So with that happening, I really threw myself back into business, mainly. And then with that also came music just because I do own a business in music.

I work side by side with the CEO of the Grammys, Harvey Mason, Jr. So he has taught me pretty much everything I know, and he produces all of my music. I’ve been working with him over the past six months just to really focus and figure out where I want to be in music; if it’s possible, how it’s possible, that kind of stuff.”

More Businesses Than Fans Know About

Costell added, “I’m also working on businesses that fans won’t know I’m behind for a few years. I don’t want the brands to be limited by the perception people have of, ‘an influencer worked on this,’ and what that may shape about their expectations. So I’m holding off on tying my name to these ventures publicly, but I’m working hard on those and I’m excited to eventually talk about them as well.”

Costell is Bringing Fans on a Journey Soon

Erika Costell OnlyFans

Costell was also excited to let fans know that she’s got something coming up on her OnlyFans that they will be able to experience with her. “My birthday is on November 12th, and I’m taking a socially distanced trip, leaving tomorrow. I’ll be traveling, and bringing them along with me on the ride.” 

Despite Her Early Misconceptions About OnlyFans, Costell Came to Appreciate the Non-Judgmental Atmosphere

Costell thoughtfully reflected, “You know, I was judgmental about OnlyFans in the beginning. I had a perception of the kind of product produced on the platform. But over time, I’ve come to see the merits of it, and what it has to offer both content creators and users. I don’t think anyone needs to be ashamed of the brands or the work they’re producing, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with my fans. I’ll be sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that I’ve been collecting for years now but haven’t shared.”

Nervous, but Excited

Erika Costell Instagram

In the press release, Costell summed up the overall experience; “I feel a little nervous about getting on the platform because I don’t think it’s something my fans would expect from me. I’m so excited to be the real, raw version of myself that people haven’t seen on other platforms. It has been so hard keeping this launch and all of the content around it a secret, but I really wanted it to be a big surprise. I wanted to get on OnlyFans because I do so many things on a daily basis that no one knows about and that my fans have never seen. It’s important for me to connect with them on a deeper level that involves more than just posting hot pictures on instagram.

I love how OnlyFans has given their content creators the freedom to be their authentic selves with no judgement. What I’m looking forward to most with this launch is sharing unreleased music, showing behind the scenes footage of my latest music video ‘No Roof’, and giving my fans an inside look at my modeling career, my travel experiences and even my love life. Overall, I’m really excited to be an open book, engage with a new audience and be able to connect with everyone one on one.”

Fans Can Connect with Costell in Several Different Ways

Fans looking to connect with Costell can find her OnlyFans at , her Instagram, and her YouTube