Already Sick of Cool Weather? These Getaways Will Warm Your Soul

Cool weather is hitting the United States, and in some places it’s bringing severe weather. While most of us were

Cool Weather Getaways

Cool weather is hitting the United States, and in some places it’s bringing severe weather. While most of us were begging for an end to the sweltering Summer heat, sometimes the advent of Autumn wears out its welcome quickly. If you’re already sick of the crisp weather and rolling storms, you might be dreaming of a tropical getaway in paradise. CELEB takes a look at three tropical getaways that will soothe your soul and let you rock your worries away in breathtaking overwater hammocks. 

St Lucia

Cool Weather Getaways

When you think of a tropical getaway on a classic island with all the luxury of the modern world, St Lucia may come to mind. The subject of songs and stories, this island nation is known for its breathtaking vistas both inland and offshore. The waters are a deep blue and the island itself is a lush garden paradise. 

If you’re dreaming of the island and looking for a place to stay, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort may be exactly what you’re looking for. Nestled along the verdant hills of St Lucia’s Northwest coast, Windjammer offers everything you could hope for in a tropical getaway. Including hammocks that are suspended over the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, the perfect place to spend a few hours feeling the salt breeze and listening to the waves roll gently onto shore. The resort is built along a half-moon peninsula that embraces the water, sheltering guests from strong winds and waves so you feel like you’re romping in your own private beach.

Windjammer is carefully crafted to look like a charming beachside Mediterranean village, with white walls, red tile roofs, and a beautiful terraced steppe design up the side of the lush hills. The rooms look like guests have been plucked from the Caribbean and set gently among an Italian villa, with arched windows, architecturally fascinating wood ceilings with exposed beams, a soothing white palette and clever classic touches throughout. You might think you’re in the heart of an Italian villa, if it weren’t for the breathtaking views out of every window. Because of the hotel’s stepped design, every building offers unparalleled views of the water. If you need a vacation with a taste of the Caribbean but all the class and comfort of Italian villa luxury, Windjammer may be right up your alley. To plan and book your stay, visit the website


Cool Weather Getaways

Maybe you’re looking for less of a Mediterranean vibe and you want to dive into all the charm of an old Caribbean fishing town. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is known to local as “The Pink Palace” due to its charming pale coral façade. Built on the shores of a sheltered cove, the Hamilton offers guests soothing and comfortable accommodations with an earth-tone palette of blues and browns. Guests can choose ocean or garden view rooms which don’t look over the water but do look over the delightfully landscaped resort and still offer the salt breezes and warm air, or they can upgrade all the way up to the premium suites, which offer corner rooms with windows on both sides to allow views of both the water and the resort. 

Stay in a penthouse suite and order delectable bites from the Duchess Café, with a delightful array of options including freshly made pastries and sweets or an array of deli menu items. Enjoy the spa, or stroll the beach and climb into one of their perfect overwater hammocks that will rock you gently as the soft waves of the cove roll beneath. 

It’s quaint, comfortable, and luxurious; the perfect Autumn or Winter escape. To plan and book your stay, visit the website


Cool Weather Getaways

Panama: the gateway between worlds. This delightful Central American country has had its share of struggles over the years, but has in recent times settled into being a sought-after getaway for American tourists. That’s not to say it has a touristy feel though; the Old World charm of Panama persists even as it welcomes modern conveniences with open arms.

At the Azul Paradise Hotel and Resort, guests can plug into the electric nightlife of nearby Bocos del Toro towns, or escape from it all on the resort property, which feels secluded despite being close to everything. Azul is a multi-island affair which offers a variety of accommodation options for guests, from traditional hotel rooms nestled in paradise to breathtaking overwater bungalows with all the class but none of the pretentiousness of some of the world’s more famous overwater bungalows. Although Panama as a country stretches from Atlantic to Pacific, the resort lies on the Bocos del Toro archipelago on the Caribbean side. 

With the powdery white sand and sparkling blue waters guests come to expect from a Caribbean getaway, it’s the perfect place to unwind and connect with the you that’s buried under months of frustration and now cool weather burnout. Relax in an overwater hammock, find shells on the sugar sand beaches, or kick back in your cabin-like overwater bungalow; you can’t go wrong with Azul’s hospitality. We aren’t saying the overwater bungalows aren’t heaven, because they just might be – but it’s possible that the food is one of the best parts of any trip to Panama. With a vibrant local cuisine and a resort that aims to please, guests will enjoy every moment of their stay here. 

To plan and book your stay, visit the website.

Whether it’s cool weather, storms, or the stresses of everyday life chasing you from your home in search of warmer waters, these resorts will help rescue you. Whether you’re looking for a family-and-budget friendly room or to spread out in one of the luxurious penthouse or overwater bungalow options, each offers something unique and tempting.