Everyone Is Having A Love-Hate Relationship with Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’, Here’s Why

I n the classic tale of an American in Paris, Lily Collins drops her British accent to star in the

Emily in Paris

I n the classic tale of an American in Paris, Lily Collins drops her British accent to star in the 10-episode series Emily in Paris on Netflix and with more than a week since its release, everyone is still debating on what the show got right and what it just got completely wrong.

For those who haven’t binged Emily in Paris, it premiered October 2nd and follows Emily Cooper, a marketing executive from Chicago who you guessed it moves to Paris! With a bucket hat for every occasion and Google Translate, Emily finds adventure and romance, but not without questioning French tradition along the way.

While a second season has yet to be confirmed the series has definitely gotten a lot of buzz around it and it’s almost impossible to not have Emily in Paris pop up somewhere online. From our new crush, French actor Lucas Bravo to Emily going from 48 followers on Instagram to influencer overnight, these are some of the biggest hits and misses.

A Total Miss: Pardon Her French

Lily Collins

OK, so what respected marketing firm would ever send any executive to a country where they need Google Translate to do the talking for them?

After Emily’s boss, who by the way has a master’s in French, discovers she’s pregnant, the junior marketing executive is sent in her place to be the eyes and ears of Savior, the company her firm has just acquired.

It’s definitely not impossible for an employee to take the place of another, but what is a total miss would be the

fact that Emily only knows how to say Bonjour and mered, which mean s**t.

Yeah, mered would be the word we’d all probably use too after remembering we took Latin instead of French back in high school.

A Total Hit: The Fashion!

Emily has a pretty fun closet! With Darren Star, the creator behind Sex and the City, it was only to be

expected for the series to have some iconic fashion moments.

Completely ignoring the fact that Emily would probably not be able to afford all those Chanel handbags on a basic marketing salary, let us bask in her unapologetic sense of style. Costume designer Patricia Field really took inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn when stocking up Emily’s closet.

Although, still trying to decide if bucket hats should be a thing…

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A Total Miss: Realistically, Eating a Croissant Won’t Make Anyone Go Viral

Emily and Gabriel

Emily arrives to Paris with less than 50 followers, but after a couple posts of her eating a croissant and what are

pretty much unconsented pics of strangers, the girl quadruples her following!

To be honest for someone that works in marketing and has a master’s in communications, Emily isn’t doing so hot on her captions. The chances of her garnering 1,000 followers after posting about a statue and writing “Chiseled Abs” …Yeah, not at all believable.

However, it could be that people really love random, unedited pics so let’s give Emily the benefit of the doubt.

A Total Hit: Gabriel

Be honest. You’re not watching Emily in Paris for the riveting plot. You’re watching it for Gabriel, the hunky French chef played by Lucas Bravo. If you are, then same. Emily’s main love interest has us ready to board the first plane out to Paris, once the travel ban on the US is lifted of course.

Charming, sweet, handsome, helpful, handsome, a chef, and did I mention handsome? Gabriel is no doubt the main reason that many are crossing their fingers in hopes of a second season. Safe to say that Bravo has no problem reaching the audience, especially not with that smile.

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A Total Miss: The Stereotypes Were a Bit Much

Emily in Paris is filled with cliches and stereotypes, but it got to the point where it offended French and Americans alike. From the American trying to change a culture to accommodate her needs to the French being portrayed as lazy and rude, there were a lot of cringeworthy moments!

In 10 episodes the French are reduced to vile snobs toting expensive handbags and lighting cigarettes right out of the gym, a depiction viewers are calling ignorant. Emily repeatedly goes on about how rude everyone is, but if she wants people to be nice to her then she should really learn more about their customs.

The American people are also painted in a negative light with them being described as overly cheerful, arrogant, and uncultured. We can see why the US might not appear like it’s got the crème of the crème right now, but not everyone is gonna go to Paris and ask for a cheeseburger.

A Total Hit: Paris, Duh!

Say what you will about Emily in Paris, but what we can all agree on is that Paris is the true star. After seven months of traveling restrictions due to Covid-19 this series is a pure, blissful escape from reality. With some of the most beautiful locations used to film – the Siene, vineyards and adorable cafés, pick up your glass of wine and journey through Paris with Emily!