Ex-RHOBH Star Kathryn Edwards Slams Erika Jayne for Poor Treatment of Bravo’s Crew

Kathryn Edwards recently looked back on the time she spent on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Years after appearing

Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn Edwards recently looked back on the time she spent on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Years after appearing on the sixth season of the Bravo reality show, Kathryn took aim at Erika Jayne for her alleged mistreatment of Bravo’s crew before revealing which of her former cast mates she still talks to and weighing in on the drama surrounding Denise Richards‘ alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

“I think [Erika], this is just my opinion, I just don’t think she’s real at all,” Kathryn admitted while appearing on the September 9 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

According to Kathryn, she witnessed Erika mistreating the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crew and talking down to people as they filmed the show.

“I don’t think she’s a caring person,” Kathryn explained. “I saw her talking really poorly to all the crew and the way she talked down to people and snapped at people that were less than her that were working for her. I don’t like that at all. I don’t think that she is a nice person. That’s the best way to say it.”

Kathryn Edwards Isn’t in Touch With All of Her Former ‘RHOBH’ Cast Mates

Not surprisingly, Kathryn named Erika as one of three of her former cast members who she no longer talks to. As for the others, she admitted that she is also estranged from Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson.

“I don’t keep in touch with [Lisa Vanderpump]. She got mad at me because I didn’t go to a charity event she threw,” Kathryn shared. “But I think that she does a lot of great things.”

As for who she does talk to, Kathryn revealed she has keeps in touch with Lisa Rinna on social media and also speaks to Kyle Richards from time to time.

While Kathryn hasn’t been featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for some time, she did tune into a recent episode of the series’ 10th season, which featured the highly controversial relationship between Denise and Brandi.

Kathryn Believes Some Things Should Remain Private

After admitting that she doesn’t know either woman but revealing that they have mutual friends, Kathryn said that when it comes to the rumored hookup between the ladies, she’s someone who believes people’s private lives should stay private. That said, she would have an issue if Denise’s husband, Aaron Phypers, was in the dark about the supposed affair.

“If she’s in a relationship and she’s married, obviously this is not an open marriage and if her husband would not be down for this, it’s wrong and shame on her for doing that. And I feel bad for him, but you know, to think that this kind of thing doesn’t go on, it does,” Kathryn explained.

Kathryn Edwards

Throughout the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise and Brandi’s relationship has been a hot topic for their co-stars, even though Denise denied hooking up with Brandi immediately after she was confronted, and Kathryn isn’t a fan of the way in which Bravo has seemingly capitalized on the drama.

“I think it’s really sh*tty if the show capitalized on it and didn’t consult with her in any way, shape or form and just kind of had like a gotcha moment in throwing her under the bus,” Kathryn shared. “I think that’s not nice. I think [producers] had something in it and it’s kind of the way I felt, you know, in the little short time that I was on there, if there was something that they could get on you, it was going to be used. The show is loyal to viewership and ratings.”

During an episode of the show that aired weeks ago, Denise was seemingly caught completely off-guard when co-star Teddi Mellencamp confronted her in Rome about what Brandi had said regarding the nature of their relationship. Then, in the weeks that followed, she continued to deny that anything Brandi said was true.

Kathryn then noted that if Denise wanted to sleep with another woman, Brandi may not have been the best choice.

“[If] you’re going to sleep with someone like Brandi, and I’m not saying that she’s a bad person but she definitely lives her life, why would you think that this would be a secret?” she wondered. ”I mean, I think she shares everything. So that was not a very smart move of Denise’s.”

Edwards Took Note of ‘RHOBH’ After Learning Lisa Rinna Joined the Series

Looking back at her casting on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn said that while she didn’t hear about the show during its first season, she was well aware of what it was by season six.

“I think that what kind of made me pay attention to it a little bit more was when Lisa Rinna did it, you know, because I knew her and that was kind of a little bit of, not a shock, but just strange,” Kathryn explained. “Back then there was really no actress that kind of crossed over, so to speak, to reality TV. And [Lisa Rinna] was kind of the first. I remember her trying to get a job and I remember some other mutual friends saying that she was doing everything to get a job and she was trying to get back on when they were going to re-cast Melrose Place or something. She was literally like standing on the street corner like, ‘Cast me.’ I guess maybe a reality show is the next best thing.”

Lisa Rinna joined the show during its fifth season after both Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud moved on from the series after appearing in full-time roles for just one season.

Although Kathryn knew Rinna and knew of Kyle before she was cast on the series, she wasn’t in touch with Rinna at the time she was added and admitted that she never really moved in the Housewives circle.

“I wasn’t in touch with Lisa Rinna when I started doing the show. I went into it and no one knew that I was the new housewife. I just showed up at this party and it was like, ‘Oh my God, Katherine, what are you doing here?’” Kathryn recalled.

She Had Ties to the ‘RHOBH’ Cast Through Her Former Husband

“The first thing that [Lisa] said to me was, ‘The first thing I think of every time I see you is OJ.’ I was just like, ‘Okay.’ It took me a little back. I thought, ‘Wow.’ And then we went to this restaurant and Kyle asked me instantly, ‘Oh, you know my friend Faye.’”

Faye Resnick

As viewers of the series may recall, Kathryn’s former husband, Marcus Allen, was one of O.J. Simpson’s closest friends who was believed to have engaged in an affair with the late Nicole Brown Simpson prior to her death in 1994. And, Kyle’s friend, Faye Resnick, was one of Nicole’s close friends.

“I was an easy person to slip in there halfway through the season. Obviously they need me. It’s not a secret of who I am. After the Bronco chase, when that was happening and [Robert Kardashian] read the O.J. suicide letter, he had mentioned all of the people that he was close to in the letter and his last final words to them. And he had mentioned something to my ex husband about me,” Kathryn explained.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.