Aimee Hall Tells ALL On Floribama Shore’s Most EXPLOSIVE Season

MTV’s Floribama Shore is easily one of the most entertaining reality shows on television currently. From the hysterical drunken antics to the

MTV’s Floribama Shore is easily one of the most entertaining reality shows on television currently. From the hysterical drunken antics to the deep friendships that have formed, and, of course, to the drama, this show brings it on every level. The cast is also perfect, as their interactions are engaging and draw viewers each week. While the third season is currently coming to an end, there was no shortage of drama in this season. We recently got the chance to exclusively catch up with cast member Aimee Hall, and she spilled on ALL the drama that this season brought. We discussed fellow castmate Nilsa Prowant getting arrested, the explosive fight between Jeremiah Buoni and Gus Smyrnios, her relationship, and more.

We started by asking Aimee for an update on how she and her boyfriend, Dillon Johnson, are doing. As fans know Aimee first debuted her relationship this season on the show. Like her castmates, we were thrilled to see how happy Dillon seemed to make Aimee.

On the current status of her relationship, Aimee told us, ” Me and My boyfriend Dillon are doing great.”

While they are great, Aimee did own that it took a bit to get there, detailing that, “We went through a rocky patch but now we are doing better than ever.”

We are thrilled to hear that they’re still going strong. Of course, after asking Aimee about her relationship, we had to get into the drama of this season, as it was too juicy not to discuss.

Since the season is coming to a close, we began by asking Aimee what was the most shocking part of the season for her (clearly, as viewers of the show, there were many).

“What most shocked me was Nilsa going to jail,” Aimee shared with us, “because she’s just such a good girl and defiantly not jail material.”

“I’m supposed to be the bad one lol,” Aimee jokingly continued. “I guess I wore off on her.”

“What didn’t shock me was the fight between Gus and Jeremiah because I could feel the animosity between them a mile away,” Aimee also added.

Speaking of that fight, we couldn’t help asking her what she thought of the drama between them and where things stand now.

Aside from saying she wasn’t surprised at all by the fight between them, Aimee answers our question regarding what the current status of the relationship between Gus and Jeremiah is.

“I’m not sure what’s going on between Gus and Jeremiah now,” she began with telling us, “but I know they are defiantly not as close as they used to be.”

“Plus they go back and forth on Twitter sometimes,” Aimee added. She is referring to the back and forth tweets the pair have fired off to each other, usually while the episodes are airing or previews are released.

Speaking of Twitter, we next asked her about cast member Candace Rice, who has been very vocal on Twitter about feeling like an outsider of the group and feeling mistreated.

What did Aimee have to say about that?

“I know Candace has been very vocal on Twitter that she feels mistreated by some of the cast members,” Aimee began with sharing. We were curious about what Aimee felt about that, but she didn’t go too deeply into detail about it.

Rather, she told us, “You’ll have to ask her about that.”

She did elaborate a drop more, though, stating that, “Me and Candace are very close so I’m here to tell you I’m not the one she has problems with.”

Interesting. We will definitely have to talk to Candace in the future, as we’re definitely curious as to who Aimee is alluding to.

Speaking of claims about her cast members- and ones involving Candace- we asked Aimee about her thoughts about Candace claiming Codi Butts “puts on for the cameras.” What did Aimee have to say?

On the accusations that Codi puts on for the cameras, Aimee dished that, “I don’t think Codi puts on for the cameras.”

This was interesting, as some of his fellow castmates – namely Candace- seemed to claim he did. Much of these claims came from Codi acting romantically interested in Candace on screen, but Candace seeming to not feel the same form him when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“I think Codi is just a really good guy,” Amy also added of her friend. “He’s a giver!”

We also couldn’t help asking about Kortni Gilson, who was in the first two seasons but was only on part of this one.

“I missed Kortni a lot,” Aimee explained when asked about Kortni not being on a lot of the season, “but one good thing is I didn’t wake up to her screaming every morning, so that was nice.”

As fans know, Kortni revealed she was suffering from post-traumatic stress resulting from a sexual assault in her past.

On the sexual assault reveal, Aimee shared with us that, “When I found out that Kortni was sexually assaulted I was just so upset. I couldn’t imagine going through something like that. I think she’s so strong for talking about it though so she can help others.”

When Kortni left, Party Down South alum Mattie Lynn Breaux came into the house. So what did Aimee think about her?

“I love Mattie,” Aimee began with sharing. “I had already known her through my best friend Ryan Daddy Richards, so I already knew she was a good person.”

“I think she fits in with everyone,” Aimee added. “Everyone loves her.”

But what about the relationship between Mattie and Jeremiah? What did Aimee think about that?

“I’m on Mattie’s side,” Aimee revealed, “just because I’m a girls girl and I know how it is for guys to lead you on and make you think it’s gonna be something and then it’s not.”

Next, we asked Aimee where relationships between the cast currently stand now that the season has wrapped.

“As far as relationships stand in the house I’m not sure where everyone else’s is,” Aimee began with telling us.

“But,” she added, “I know I’m surprisingly getting along with everyone right now.”

We like hearing that Aimee is getting along with everyone, but lest fans fear there may not be drama in the future, she noted, “That could change at any moment.”

Finally, when asked about the next season of the show, Aimee revealed to us that “there is no news on a new season yet.”

While we remain hopeful there will be another one- as this is one of the best shows on TV- in the meantime another one of our favorites, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is returning.

“I don’t mind being compared to Jersey Shore, although I think we are completely different,” Aimee wrapped with telling us. “I watched Jersey Shore growing up and I love Snooki.”