Maci Bookout’s Pregnacy News Confirmed

While there are always rumors surrounding the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women- much of them regarding if one of them is pregnant-

While there are always rumors surrounding the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women- much of them regarding if one of them is pregnant- nothing usually ends up panning out from them. However, recent pregnancy rumors have arisen surrounding Maci Bookout… and we spoke exclusively to a source close to the situation who finally told ALL- namely if Maci is indeed pregnant with her fourth child.

So what exactly is going on? And is Maci indeed pregnant with her fourth baby or is it, yet again, just a rumor?

Before delving into what our source exclusively shared with us, let’s do a quick refresh on Maci’s family currently. As fans know, she is married to husband Taylor McKinney. In 2015, their first child together (and Maci’s second, as she is Mom to son Bentley with her ex, Ryan EdwardsJayde Carter was born. In 2016, Maci gave birth to their second child together (and her third), son Maverick Reed. After giving birth, they officially celebrated their wedding in October of 2016.

Along the way, there have been some difficult times for them, most notably in 2017 when Maci revealed she had suffered a miscarriage.

Back in May of last year, the couple also revealed some baby news. Specifically, Maci spoke exclusively to US Magazine about her and Taylor’s desire to adopt a baby. Specifically, she said, “Taylor and I both always wanted to adopt. Now it’s just a matter of timing, and really accepting the process. Because we don’t want to adopt a baby. And not that we only want one, but we are open to siblings also. It’s kind of one of those things, people say, ‘Oh, we’re waiting until we’re ready to have kids.’ You’re never going to be ready. We will never be ready. … You just have to do it, type of thing. But we want the little ones to be a little bit older.”

Recently, fans began congratulating Maci on her “baby bump” when she posted a picture to promote the clothing line she has with her husband (Things That Matter AKA TTM), MANY fans thought that they spotted a baby bump. This was a combination of them examining her stomach, the way she was posed, etc. This picture was shared on December 2nd, and while MANY fans commented on the picture thinking she was indeed pregnant, neither Maci or Taylor have said anything. But, we finally talked to an exclusive source who confirmed exactly what is going on and if Maci is indeed pregnant.

Our source began with detailing that, “These rumors pop up all time. Literally, for the past three years, there have been innumerable times that the press has reported Maci is pregnant or that a baby bump has been spotted. It’s clear that the media and fans want Maci to be pregnant, as it’s a story that keeps popping up.”

While it would understandably get frustrating for these rumors to pop up, our source detailed that Maci doesn’t ever respond to them… but they were willing to share if she is indeed pregnant.

“The reason Maci doesn’t respond to these rumors,” they continued, “is that if she was to respond once, she’d have to continue responding each time they came out. It would be a constant effort on her part of having to squash the stories and the rumors each time they were put out.”

Our insider went on to detail that, “Obviously, Teen Mom focuses on parents (young ones) and having babies thematically fits with the show.”

“While it’s annoying to have people pointing out the ‘baby bump,’” our source dished, “at this time Maci is NOT pregnant. 100% that is false and she is not expecting a baby.”

“At this time,” they continued, “Maci and Taylor are very content with their family. Currently, they have no interest in having another baby, so ‘trying to get pregnant’ and ‘being pregnant’ are two things that are absolutely not on their radar. In fact, Maci has told people that she’s good with not being pregnant anymore.”

But what about the aforementioned adoption? 

While she doesn’t want to get pregnant, our source detailed that “Maci and Taylor have still talked about adoption in the future.”

Additionally, we asked our source about a longstanding rumor that the women on the Teen Mom shows are given bonuses for having more babies. Our insider dished that that is also “just a rumor” and is “100% not true.”

So there you have it. Maci is not pregnant and has no intentions to get pregnant. Case closed.