‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star Lilly Ghalichi Mir Talks About her House Being Robbed in FACTZ Podcast

In episode 3 of the FACTZ podcast, host Nik Richie interviews “Shahs of Sunset” star Lilly Ghalichi. They talk about a variety of topics including crime in LA, women’s rights and more.

Lilly Ghalichi

FACTZ Podcast episode 3 includes host Nik Richie interviewing “Shahs of Sunset” star Lilly Ghalichi Mir.

In the podcast’s newest episode, they talk about the “Birkin Scandal,” Ghalichi’s home being burglarized while she was out of town, and more.

Richie first asks Ghalichi about the topic of crime in Los Angeles.

The ‘Shahs of Sunset’ star responds that it’s become scary to walk down the street wearing any sort of expensive jewelry, and that crime in LA is “unprosecuted.”

If it were up to her, Ghalichi would leave California all together – and move to a “very Republican state.” She adds, “I would move somewhere that I felt more safe, and I felt that my government cared about my safety.” Ghalichi floats the idea of Texas, which is where she’s from.

The mom of two says that it’s gotten to a point in LA where anyone with a social media following will get robbed. In fact, it happened to her in 2021 when she was out of town.

Ghalichi says she has been traumatized so badly by the robbery that she no longer even wants a social media footprint.

But ultimately, they got lucky. Before leaving town the time they were robbed, Ghalichi says that she moved all of the expensive personal items out of her closet and stored them at the bank. At the time, her husband thought she was crazy – but it turned out to be crazy good insight.

They didn’t steal a single item thanks to a high-tech security system and Ghalichi’s seeming paranoia.

Richie and Ghalichi also talk about the terroristic crackdown on women in Iran, and mull whose responsibility it is to help the vulnerable.

Next, Richie asks about what it was like to be on Bravo TV. Richie says that Ghalichi should have joined the “Real Housewives” family next – but she says that she would never have her real family if she’d stuck with reality TV.

They also discuss women’s rights, beauty standards, and chasing equality. And viewers enjoy a world exclusive introduction to Ghalichi’s youngest baby, Kashton.

New episodes of FACTZ Podcast drop every Monday and Thursday at 3PM PST.