Fairmont Olympic Welcomes Guests to Hidden Bar, Founder’s Club

When you stay at a historic hotel, it almost feels like you’re sleeping in a secret. All around you are


When you stay at a historic hotel, it almost feels like you’re sleeping in a secret. All around you are memories and lives long past. The very walls themselves embrace the passage of time and hold secrets we can’t imagine because they’ve come and gone long before us. One hotel in Seattle is embracing that aura of past secrets, and leaning into it. The Fairmont Olympic in Seattle has just taken guests behind the bookcase to its secret bar, the Founder’s Club. Let’s take a peek inside and see what’s hiding just behind the secret door. 

Founder’s Club, Shh!


When we say you travel behind the bookcase to the secret bar, it’s not hyperbole. You actually travel through a hidden bookcase door to the secret bar! The delightful venue on the other side, The Founder’s Club, is an ode to all things elegant and historic. With deep, rich wood tones and the soft glowing aura of polished brass, it feels like a step through time. Inspired by the speakeasy culture of the 1920’s, the Founder’s Club is the perfect place to get in touch with the you who is more elegant and classy than modern society recognizes. 

The Founder’s Club carries all the weight of a historic location with an atmosphere of down-to-earth elegance. The venue offers hand-selected cocktail and craft beverage options under the guiding hand of Jesse Cyr, Fairmont Olympic’s award-winning beverage curator. The club seats 30 and is open just in time for the holidays.

The menu includes delightful drinks and originals such as:

  • Amedaki Falls: Matsui Hakuto Gin, Iichiko Saiten, Sōtō Junmai, Maraschino, Cucumber Essence.
  • Waterhouse Syndicate: 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, Castarede XO Armagnac, Prunier Pineau des Charentes Rouge, Bogart’s Bitters.
  • Cafe Racer: Camus VSOP Cognac, Le Verger, Lemon, Yuzu, Grapefruit Bitters.
  • Many the Miles: San Matias Extra Anejo Tequila, Jean-Luc Pasquet Marie Framboise, Orgeat, Acidulated Orange, Soda Water.
  • Marine Room: Augier L’Océanique Cognac, Kanbara Yamaha Junmai Koshu, Roasted Nori.
  • Haiku: Kaiyo 86 Whisky, Aged Genever, Mancino Sakura,Dry Vermouth, Umeshu.
  • Plus many more options. 

It’s a social club for the era with all the benefits of a venue from days of yore. Whether a social drinker or history buff, Founder’s Club is the perfect social destination to imbibe and enjoy.

Fairmont Olympic

And you can do so without having to worry about driving anywhere if you stay just upstairs at the Fairmont Olympic. The hotel offers 450 lavish accommodations for guests, all situated in the heart of the historic building which was built in 1924. Each room is hand-decorated in a soothing palette of cream, blue, and soft touches of earth tones. If you’re looking for a little more space, there are suites as well, all over 450 square feet to give you room to relax while perched above the vibrant city of Seattle.

If you want to fill your belly with a little more than a cocktail, there are dining options on site. Dining options include the Oyster Bar, Shuckers, 4th Ave Expresso Bar, Afternoon Tea and a variety of in-suite dining options if you don’t want to leave your bed. 

Penelope & the Beauty Bar is the on-site spa to delight your senses, and the Fairmont is well-known for its lavish celebrations of holidays. So if you’re looking for a place to spend Christmas where you’ll be pampered, the Fairmont Olympic may be just the destination for you. To plan and book your stay, visit the website



When you’ve relaxed and are ready to step foot outside to explore the city, you’re in for a treat. The Puget Sound region where Seattle sits has been occupied by humans for around 12,000 years. So when we say it’s historic, we also mean it’s pre-historic. When European settlers arrived, they discovered a rich cultural heritage of many indigenous peoples, including Nuu-chah-nulth (Nootka), Suquamish, Duwamish, Coast Salish, Makah, Quinault, and Chinook. 

Like most of the Pacific region, the modern history of Seattle was forged in the conquests of the Westward expansion. In 1851, settlers from Illinois struck west, landing their schooner in Alki Point which is now West Seattle. When Alki Point proved problematic for deep-keel anchoring, they drifted to just beyond the mouth of the Duwamish River and settled near the Duwamps tribe. The new city was established officially in 1953, and was named in honor of the indigenous peoples nearby who had shown such hospitality and kindness – Seattle.

A powerful deep-sea port with a vibrant lumber industry, Seattle grew quickly over the years. In the modern era, Seattle has become a hub of culture and art. It’s a city of youth and vibrancy, with a glowing nightlife and local art scene. Guests to the city can visit the Space Needle, stroll the tree-lined streets, enjoy the cool misty air of the Pacific Northwest, or travel a little farther afield. Surrounding Seattle is a region of natural wonders, with beautiful glass beaches, cliffs, boreal forests, and waterfalls galore.

Whether you’re looking for an art and history museum, looking to listen to some Jazz or enjoy a hike in the woods, Seattle is the perfect place for a bit of everything. And while you’re staying at the Fairmont, you’re at the heart of the city itself. So nip into the Founder’s Club for a cocktail, then set out on your adventures across Seattle.