Fill the Gaps In Your Fall Wardrobe With These 5 Stylish Looks

Many good things come with the onset of autumn: color-changing trees, crisp weather, everything flavored with pumpkin, and transitioning into

Many good things come with the onset of autumn: color-changing trees, crisp weather, everything flavored with pumpkin, and transitioning into the fall wardrobe. Although summer brings joy in its own way, it’s impossible not to welcome the beautiful season of fall with anticipation of nights by the fire wrapped in a cozy sweater. And, the best part? The fall wardrobe trends of 2022 go way beyond sweaters.

FALLing For These Wardrobe Must Haves

Corseted Waist

We’re leaving the comfortable at-home look behind this season and bringing back the waist. Corsets have been making their way back into closets and by their strong attendance on social media, it’s true that they’re here to stay. This sexy, shape-shifting piece will be seen as tops and dresses with the versatility to be dressed down or dressed up, perfect for the day into evening transition.

Oversized Button-Up

You can’t go wrong with a classic button-up. This timeless staple can be worn in many ways however, this fall we’re exchanging the slim fit for something a bit more bulky and loose. The oversized button-up you add to your closet will be a great throw-on (potentially over your corset with your favorite pair of jeans) to be streetwear-ready and have you feeling like an off-duty model.

Cozy Coats

Leave the house feeling like you brought your bed with you by finding yourself a big cozy coat. The coats you’ll come across on the racks currently will no doubt keep you warm and also very stylish. So, give your puffer a rest and find yourself one of the many coats of a variety of textures and colors.

Maxi Skirts

Mini-skirts had their moment in the spotlight this summer but with the cooler weather approaching it’s time to break out the longer hemlines. Keep your fall wardrobe up to par with long, draping maxi skirts in whatever style and fabric of your liking.

Fur Accessories

For those of you who like to add some pizazz to your wardrobe, fur accessories will be your opportunity. From fuzzy bucket hats to sherpa shoes, your fall looks will be far from boring and also far from cold.

Your Fall Wardrobe Is What You Make of It

Everyone will fall differently this season. After all, we share different styles, different attractions, and different body shapes. When deciding on what items to include, be conscious of:

  • colors that compliment your skin, hair, and eyes
  • styles that work well with your body’s natural shape
  • fabrics that feel comfortable
  • shoes that are practical to your lifestyle

And, for those of you looking to elevate your style, even more, consider filling in the gaps of your fall wardrobe with other items such as:

  • the iconic black slip dress
  • over-the-knee boots
  • basic tanks (white seems to be the favorite right now)
  • Relaxed denim
  • strong shoulders
  • sheer fabrics

All in all, whichever way you decide to spice up your wardrobe this fall, make sure that it’s you. Give the trends your own twist and strut your commute and holiday festivities with confidence.