Farrah Abraham Asks To Stop Tagging Her “On Lies” When Speaking About Her Battery Charge

Earlier in the year, Farrah Abraham was arrested for battery after an issue at a nightclub got out of hand.

Farrah Abraham Asks To Stop Tagging Her "On Lies" When Speaking About Her Battery Charge

Earlier in the year, Farrah Abraham was arrested for battery after an issue at a nightclub got out of hand. Reports state that the former Teen Mom star slapped the security guard on shift and continued to escalate.

The paramedics were called and later the cops were called for backup. The report also stated that someone made a citizen's arrest which people assume to have been the guard. Abraham was then taken into custody.

The situation has come to light again. with rumors (?) being thrown around that Abraham has been charged with Battery. However, she claims that she has not been charged yet and her lawyer issued a statement saying so as well.

No Charges And Potentially The Victim?

Abraham's lawyer revealed to The Sun, "The Law Office of Dario C. Gomez, Esq., on behalf of our client, Ms. Farrah Abraham, would like to clarify that no charges to date have been brought against Ms. Abraham in connection with the incident that occurred at Grandmaster Records on January 15, 2022. They continued, "That is because Ms. Abraham committed no crime, and is, in fact, the victim in all of this.

Her lawyer explained, "Our office is currently investigating the incident further and is in the process of pursuing any and all remedies available to Ms. Abraham for the physical and emotional damages our client has suffered as a result of this unfortunate incident."

"This office is committed to fighting for justice for not only Ms. Abraham, but for all of our clients, and we are confident that the truth will come to light and Ms. Abraham will receive the justice she so rightly deserves."

Abraham herself has also spoken up, requesting that people stop tagging her in these "false" claims. She commented on one post by Paparazzi Magazine, "Don't tag me on lies all this is false."

The Security Guard Involved

In a now deleted Instagram post, Megan Armstrong, the security guard that Abraham attacked, shared a series of photos with a caption explaining her side of things.

“Allegedly, I’m so tired of these celebrities thinking they can do whatever to me. You put your hands on me for doing my job, I won’t let this go. I work very hard, I’m in my last few months of school (bachelors program) and I take care of my mom who has cancer," wrote Armstrong.

She continued, "I have no time for jail which I why I handle this professionally, on top of that I’m black. If I would’ve beat this lady up, I would be going to jail, and lose my job, I have way too much to lose. What’s so crazy is it’s MLK weekend, I’m speaking up enough is enough."

"Literally I thank god for changing me, years ago I wouldn’t care hands would be thrown yet I’m older now, I’m 32 years old. I don’t need to be in anyone’s jail house tbh. I thank god for saying 'no' Megan don’t do it."

Armstrong concluded, "What’s annoying is walking around, or just going to work, its the worst, I’m proud of myself for not feeding into my old demons and fighting this woman, yet I’m ashamed because I’m walking around with a bruise on my face. Just embarrassed because I look like a punk. People already look at me weird because I’m blind in the same eye she hit me in and my eye sometimes have a mind of it’s own. Now I have this bruise. Ugh lord help me."

Farrah Exploits Her Plans On Instagram

Instagram/ Farrah Abraham

Farrah shared her plans on her Instagram Story, "My attorney Kia Feyzjou is monitoring the case, and, as of today, no criminal charges have been filed against me, and if they choose to, we will aggressively defend against these 'frivolous accusations."

Starcasm revealed that Battery on a police officer can become either a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on "how much hard was done to the police officer," and in this case, Armstrong, the security guard.