Fashion Nova said WHAT?! Retailer Sparks Hilarity and Outrage with Single BOGO Alert

Fashion Nova is no newcomer to controversy. The fast fashion retailer has long been plagued with accusations of impropriety and

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is no newcomer to controversy.

The fast fashion retailer has long been plagued with accusations of impropriety and worker mistreatment, but now they’re facing heat of another kind.

FN sent out an alert to subscribers this morning, and, well – it’s something else.


Fashion Nova Gets Dirty

When it comes to companies interacting with the public, there are a few approaches they use.

One is to remain aloof and formal, providing only product-related information and keeping things professional.

But another approach – made popular by brands helmed by Millennials and Gen Z – is to get personal and witty.

Wendy’s, for instance, has made a reputation online for its witty Twitter comments, often mocking competing brands with quick quips.

So it’s possible that FN wanted to take a dive into the silly and conversational side of advertising. But they missed the mark a little bit.

This morning, those subscribed to Fashion Nova’s advertising notifications received the message, “Fashion Nova: Guaranteed To Come Faster Than Yo Man.


But it wasn’t the BOGO or sitewide sales that had eyebrows through the roof.

Users took to Twitter in stitches, asking, “Fashion Nova just said WHAT?!”

One user shared a screenshot of their notification with the caption, “Okay so do we all collectively agree that fashion nova texts are just.. you know.. a lot?”

Another wrote, “Fashion nova be outta pocket with they text messages not one said ‘guaranteed to come fast than yo man’😭😭😭😂.”

Another added, “Whoever running fashion nova phone lines need they a– whooped.”

Someone in marketing definitely made a choice today.

Did Fashion Nova Do the Right Thing?

The question is of course – does this advertising work?

Certainly, people are talking. Some people say they unsubscribed. Others found it hilarious – a few Twitter users even said they are subscribing now just in the hope of future burns in their notification inbox.

But is it a solid advertising strategy?

The jury seems to be out.

Companies like Wendy’s certainly see more engagement when they get personal and controversial, but whether or not that translates to actual sales remains to be seen.

But the more someone sees a product, the more likely they are to purchase it – so Fashion Nova and others may be onto something.

Fashion Nova has also faced controversy in recent years for mistreating workers in their California factories, and battled an FTC lawsuit last year after it was found that they suppressed negative reviews online. So it may just be par for the course for a company ready and willing to weather the public storm.

And the newest move wasn’t without backlash.

After all, kids can subscribe to the notifications.

But it seems like whoever came up with that joke probably isn’t overly worried about the fallout – after all, they’re quick on their feet. Or off their feet, perhaps.