FACTZ Podcast Sparks Fire Between Exes Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas

Maybe it was just another day of filming the FACTZ podcast but it wasn’t just another guest. Nik Richie hosted his ex-wife and mother

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Maybe it was just another day of filming the FACTZ podcast but it wasn’t just another guest. Nik Richie hosted his ex-wife and mother of his children, Shayne Lamas, for a sit-down conversation. Their first in two years. Richie’s intention for the episode was for the two of them to unpack some lingering baggage saying in the early minutes, “I think we can grow from this. And, I think it can be positive for not only your fans but also my fans because I think they’re still divided because unfortunately, I’m not completely healed from you.”

Tensions were high from the beginning of the conversation between Richie and Lamas. How much baggage needed to be unpacked was visible from the start of the FACTZ episode. Many curiosities came to light including, when will Richie be free from the costs of a divorce with no prenup, Richie’s interest in having one more child before turning 50, and most importantly (to Lamas) who is Happy Dad and is he single?

11 Years Married (then divorced) Later

Richie and Lamas unpacked the details of their divorce and the money that lies within it.

“Do you think it’s fair that a man has to pay-” Richie asked before Lamas chimed in with, “Let’s get back to this money thing because you’re talking about the alimony and the child support.”

“Uhm, yes. It is 100 percent fair for you to take care of me because that is a deal that you and I made when we got married that I was going to be a stay-at-home mother,” says Lamas. Richie however, quickly input that the was in fact not the deal.

Lamas continued, “For ten years, I did not work. I did not have a career. I did not pursue a new career. I did not learn how to do anything,” adding that instead she took care of the kids and supported Richie in all of his career endeavors. “I was a housewife,” she stated.

Further, into the topic, Richie questioned, “But do you think it’s fair that I have to do that for the rest of my life?” referring to him having to help her get on her feet financially.

Lamas agreed that he won’t have to do it forever but, for the reason of her foreseeing a new marriage in her future.

Is Another Lamas-Richie In The Cards?


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The exes toyed with the idea of creating one more offspring using Lamas’s frozen embryos under the circumstance that Richie doesn’t find someone he loves before he turns 50. The host says, “My kids have great genetics.” Adding in, “Speaking of that, we still have eight kids in the freezer. I’m just letting you know that. I want to have a kid by 50. And, if it doesn’t happen with someone else, which I’m hoping it does…”

Lamas caught her breath quick to cut him off questioning his desire for a different mother to his third child. “Oh my God, that’s weird,” she says.

The conversation took its own downward spiral before Richie could present the idea of him and Lamas keeping the door open to another child down the road. However, when he became more clear, Lamas responded, “Yes, let’s talk about it.”

The episode was nothing short of entertaining as the exes got real with one another and even exchanged some banter. If you think you read it all here, trust us, you still have plenty to see in the episode itself. Aren’t you curious if Richie is going to set Lamas up with Happy Dad?