Feeling Liberated From Divorce, Leah Messer Found Love Again

Falling in love at young age comes with challenges. A big one being: you either grow together or grow apart.


Falling in love at young age comes with challenges. A big one being: you either grow together or grow apart. Taking that and adding a child to the mix only makes it harder. As a couple you have to move at a faster rate. Teen Mom star Leah Messer was married twice during her time on the screen and divorced twice as well. Recently she opened up about realizations she came to about her previous relationships and her new experiences in a new type of love. 

Leah Finding Herself After Divorce


The TV personality opened up to Page Six about her previous marriages with Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. She stated, “I didn’t realize until much later that I wasn’t myself.” She continued, “I thought once you got married, you had to stay married, period. For me, divorce was liberating. I got to find out who I truly was at the end of the day.” 

Messer and Simms met in 2009 when Messer was only 16 years old. And just a few months into knowing eachother, Messer found out that she was pregnant. The pair shares twins, Ali and Aleeah. Shortly after separating from Simms, Messer began dating Calvert in 2011. The pair got married after just eight months of dating. And, ten months later, Leah gave birth to a third child, Addie, with Calvert.

The mother of three admitted, “There wasn’t even chemistry in these relationships. I think I just moved so fast because I was looking for love. For me personally, it was like I wanted to be loved. It was just some sort of comfort for me.” And although the two men might not have been the right fit romantically, she’s able to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship with them.

Moving On With Love


“It was on my own terms and my own time when I was ready to get back out there into the dating world,” said Messer. Although, she also wanted to have all three of her daughters blessing when doing so. 

It’s been exposed that Messer has found a new love. He goes by the name of Jaylen Mobley. The couple met at a Wiz Khalifa concert in 2021 and have been in each other’s lives ever since. Mobley steadily proved to Messer that he could truly be the one for her, one reason being his “natural” connection with her kids. Messer shared, “I dated a few guys for a minute until I wanted to be exclusive, until I knew this is it, this feels right to me and we got something here. It kind of just evolved from there.”

However, this time around Messer is rushing into anything. She has no plan of changing what they have now. Mobley wants to get married and Messer says she’s “open to it,” but for now they are taking it slow. “I just want to love him and get to know him even more before we add anymore kids to the picture.”